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It is very important that professionals set goals that lead them to a constantly improvement. For example, a recently graduated professional could trace a main short-term objective regarded to gain work experience, usually some years as required by the labor market, after which he will be able to aim more goals. We can make a distinction between these goals by the time it takes to accomplish them.
The objectives to be raised in a five years or more are called “long-term” and those objectives that require less time are called “short-term” In this article we present to you some goals you can pursue in the short term to be a better professional.
No doubt this is the first goal that every professional is looking for and refers to conform to a schedule, a working methodology and a work environment. This will allow you to function comfortably and have the best performance possible. To meet this goal, the new professional should get some advices of people with more experience, observing their working methods and be willing to learn to work in teams, work overtime and harness all the training available by the company.
Every day the world and the technology surprise us with new breakthroughs and discoveries which we should know about, so the practitioner must be constantly updated throughout his career with a greater emphasis on his scope. The objective here is being constantly trained to improve your work situation.
If you have a flexible schedule that allows you to pursue graduate studies should take this opportunity. Otherwise take some short courses that are a complementary to your career and improve your job profile. An excellent idea is to learn and improve a language or take certifications in software management.
A better payment
The professional who has achieved the above two objectives can ask to receive a better payment. Since the employee has adapted to the new job and has updated in his professional scope, his labor will highlight and will be the best, so he will be able to apply to a better salary. If you really are sure you have met these initial objectives and have received a greater responsibility, you can ask for your salary to be raised.
This opportunity is not very common but, the more experience gained, the more responsibility and better results you get. Thus, the more able you are to be considered for promotion when required. If you look this goal you should strive to have a perfect record as possible, always be on time, be responsible, accept your mistakes and fix them and demonstrate your commitment to the company.
This way your superiors will know that you have what it takes to meet a responsibility that carries a higher position. Once you consider that your professional goals are completely achieved, don’t stop and keep going.
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