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United States is well known as the greatest power in the world. In recent years they have gone through severe economic crises but thanks to good administration have recovered and have moved on. Today the United States is still considered the best place to labor, workers, professionals and technical staffs are required in the different states of this nation.
It is important to notice that in order to practice a profession, to work and reside in this country; you should have all documentation, visas and permission required by the immigration authorities. Otherwise you will have problems with the law, considering that an illegal immigration is a crime in this country.
If you have a chance to travel to the United States to work, you must first investigate the places where there are more chances of getting a job. In this article we will tell you which states offer more labor bid.
According to government statistics regarding the job, the following are the five states that have reported higher growth after the crisis suffered, and currently have the largest labor bid.
Washington DC
This city is the capital of the country and is the largest labor supplier for professionals in all fields and workers in general. Department stores are the institutions that have higher demand. Also the software design requires many professionals as well as restaurants and food and beverage businesses have a great bid through tourism.
This American state is one of the first states with the highest job offers. In major cities, as in the case of Dallas, educators and health professionals are required, also social assistance professionals are required for both the private sector and for the state.
This state stands out among the American Union in the field of scientific research. In its capital Boston’s many universities that require both professionals in the field of education, as the area of social assistance. It has also been numerous companies dedicated to recreation and entertainment also asking employees in all areas.
This state has a large labor bid for professionals in education. In Minneapolis there are many job opportunities in the area of customer service in the various businesses and department stores, thanks to economic growth and opening of new malls.
This state of the American union also offers numerous job opportunities. In the capital city of Phoenix requires professionals from education and home health. Other works in this state are in the field of transport, stores and shops for both in the professional and technically scopes.
These are the five U.S. states where there is a higher labor supply. The country’s growth projections and employment are optimistic for the coming years, so it’s a great opportunity for you to get a good job and improve your life quality.
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