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Throughout our professional life, we take very important decisions that affect the way we see our life. There are times when we stop to think and realize that we need to improve our quality of life, that the only way to do that is looking for a better job offer: so we decide to quit from the current job.
Making this decision is difficult, especially in these times of crisis when employment opportunities are scarce but there are opportunities that we can’t let them pass. If you decide to submit your renouncement and want to remain in a good situation, the best we can do is a letter of renouncement. Here you have two samples of a letter of renouncement that you can customize.
Model 1 of a resignation letter:
Caracas, October 15, 2012
Carlos Avellaneda
Bolivar Street 450
Phone 2644354
To whom it may concern
At 15 days of October 2012, I Carlos Avellaneda, identified with ID No 457 234, General Maintenance chief, I communicate to you the follow.
I have been working eight years to this company and my punctuality, reliability and responsibility have been characteristics that have defined me. Because of my financial situation, hence my family’s also. On October 1st I asked your office to raise my salary, which it was rejected, despite the commercial success the company has achieved.
For this reason I have decided to present my irrevocable renouncement to the charge I have been discharging in this company. I present my requirement supported by the labor law of this country. My renouncement will be effective on 30th of this month.
This letter will take no longer, so I want to express my gratitude to you for the time you have allowed me to labor for this company and the experience that I obtained thanks to the work that I got the opportunity to discharge.
Carlos Avellaneda
General maintenance manager
Model 2 of a resignation letter:
Montevideo, November 3, 2012
Adolfo Guzman
Personnel officer
Artigas Street No 1245
Tel 9065432
Dear Mr. Guzman:
I, Ana Pérez Dávila, identified with DNI No 2312340, operator of the Packing area, send this document to let you know what follows.
I have worked six months in the packing area and throughout these months I have demonstrate my punctuality and responsibility. I’ve also been enjoying a pleasant working environment and good work fellows. But I have to announce my renouncement from this job.
The reason for my renouncement to this company is because I got a good job offer in which I will perform a charge according to my studies and I will gain more experience to continue my career.
I thank you for giving me the great opportunity to work for your company because I have gained great experiences and friendship of my colleagues.
It is my desire to get success and prosperity in your work.
Ana Perez Davila
Operator packing area
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