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The arrival of New Year’s Eve is a good reason to gather all our family together; it is a special occasion in which we can reflect upon what we have done throughout the year and also to ponder the most important things we have in our life.
If upon the arrival of the New Year you start to think about all the good things there are in this world, then you should share your ideas with your loved ones through Facebook. To of this, in your Facebook status you can post a message about your expectations for the New Year, and you can also post messages on the walls of your friends and this way your words will be shared by many users.
This time we present you with a list of good wishes for New Year’s Eve for Facebook. Take a look ahead.
Free list of New Year messages for Facebook:
:: “Today the year is ending and I will say goodbye to all the negative things, but in my heart will always remain engraved memories all the good experiences I have had. Let’s celebrate in style that a New Year has arrived, I wish you all the best”.
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:: “We can have many dreams, but if we do not strive to achieve them, they will only end up written on paper. In this 2014 you have to dare to do anything to accomplish all the things you want. Have a wonderful year! ”
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:: “I cannot see the future, but I can tell you with full confidence that if you are always optimistic and look forward with faith, then everything will be easier. Give a big welcome to this New Year and always have a positive attitude. I wish you all the best!”
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:: “If you think that every new year things get better and you want people who surround you to feel the same way, then like this post and share this phrase with all your friends because in that way they will experience much more happiness in the year 2014”.
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:: “Sometimes we wish that time does not pass by, but other times we would like it to go on faster. Truly the hours fly and we have to take every day to the fullest. Hope you have a great new year”.
Category :New Year messages for Facebook
:: “May this be 2014 be all joy and happiness for you and for all your loved ones. Forget all the negative things and just think about all the good things there are in your life. Have a happy 2014! ”
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:: “The year is ending, however we have good memories that will always remain in our minds. The year 2014 will bring us many surprises, and we must be prepared to receive them. I wish you all the best dear friends and family! ”
Category :New Year messages for Facebook
:: “Even the most beautiful stories have an ending, and it is the same story with the years. I wish that for every day of 2014 you write a beautiful chapter of your life story, may God bless you and may happiness and success always accompany you”.
Category :New Year messages for Facebook
:: “Every day can be filled with much joy if we view life with optimism. Let’s enjoy every moment of our existence and do everything in our power to be happy. Have a great 2014! ”
Category :New Year messages for Facebook
These beautiful words will express your good wishes for New Year to all your friends via Facebook.
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