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England is the most representative country of the United Kingdom; it is also well known for knowing how to overcome the global crisis. Within the European Union, England is the country that has more job opportunities for foreigners. In the case of Latin American, jobs are required in return for a fair profit.
But how is that Latin Americans can work in England? What jobs are those with more Latin American staff? This article will give you the answers to these questions and give you additional information on the Latin American employment in England.
First, it is important to know that the main requirement for any foreign to join to the England workforce is to have a visa, as well as the respective certifications and an English proficiency. Before you travel to get any job, you must inform about the former present labor bid. For this, you can visit the web portals we show below.
This is a portal developed exclusively for Latin Americans residing in England and it is useful to seek employment. On this page you will find all available job vacancies at the time and the conditions that are required in order to apply. Different job offers vary according to levels of English proficiency and also the professional expertise. For more information visit the following website
The purpose of this website is to provide the necessary information about the job offers and the requirements they need to meet the immigrants to work in any of the countries in the UK. The first thing to do is register on the site and once you’re done you will have access to the many job offers and you will be able to apply for them. The website where you can find information is
The latter is information regard to the webs where you can find job opportunities. Now, to focus on labor opportunities for Latin American in England, we will refer to the official government statistics. Overall more than 75% of Latin Americans who are currently working in England work as technical and manpower.
Among the technical specialties which require more Latin Americans are:
Technical automotive:
Automotive factories contribute to a significant percentage of the country’s exports. Therefore these technicians are so required to work in the auto assembly line.
Most of the country’s industries require these foreign technicians, these because national technicians are not enough to supply the demand for this labor, therefore it is a great opportunity for Latin American electrical technicians.
Maintenance Technician:
As electricians, these technicians are required by British industries. Most of the labor supply offered in this area is provided by the oil companies that advance their work in the North Sea.
Finally, and to refer to unskilled labor, it is worth mentioning that about 80% of Latin American women work as housekeepers and more than 60% of Latin American men who belong to the unskilled labor, performed work in agriculture.
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