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Medicine is a task that requires a lot of effort, dedication and sacrifice, but at the same time is one of the most rewarding professions. The medical field is very broad and involves many specialized professionals such as internist, oncologist, pediatrician, pulmonologist etc. each of which is responsible for specific problems to achieve better diagnoses and treatments for patients.
It is for this reason that depending on the environment, climate, food and other variables, many countries may require a determined quantity of professionals in certain specialties. Do you want to know which countries provide job opportunities to foreign doctors?
In this article we will describe the countries which need these important professionals and the specialties these countries are looking for.
Around the world, United States is known for having the most modern clinics and hospitals, highly equipped and with high quality professional staff. The most required specialists in the medical field are plastic surgeons, physical therapists, pulmonologists and cardiologists.
Currently in the largest cities of the country such as Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne there is a shortage of oncologists and pediatricians because Australian professionals formed in these specialties are not enough to attend the large number of patients.
For this reason, the specialists in these fields, formed out of Australia’s boundaries, are highly required. Within the group of foreign experts working in Australia should be noticed that the most of them come from the U.S., New Zealand, France and South Africa.
This country is well known as a producer of high technology so medical technology is not the exception. Even though there is few medical staff to attend the needs of this country. The specialties required in Japan are dermatologists, neurologists, plastic surgeons and physical therapists.
It is known how difficult it is to learn their language, but to begin to work in the medical field in Japan is enough to dominate English as this is the most spoken language in the country after the native language.
This country needs professional and technicians in medicine to work in major cities. In the capital, Madrid, are required cardiologists, dermatologists, nutritionists, neurologists and pulmonologists. For secondary cities the most quantity of vacancies are covered by gynecologists and pediatricians.
It is important to notice that in Spain there are medical specialties which its vacancies have been categorized as difficult to be filled (CODC), therefore managers of clinics, hospitals and health centers have the approval and support of the government to find and hire foreign specialists.
It is the largest country in South America. Although Brazil has a large medical staff covering all the specialties, this country provides job opportunities to foreign professionals for them to attend to the large population in this country. The private sector seeks primarily those foreign medical specialists in plastic surgery and dermatology.
In the state sector the most required specialist are pediatricians, gynecologists and physiatrists, working mainly in remote areas.
If you want more information about jobs for doctors outside their country, you can visit the following websites of job abroad ( and (
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