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If you want to succeed in getting a job, we recommend you to elaborate a cover letter. What’s in a cover letter? Well, a cover letter describes your personality and your professional skills.

Also, it includes details about your professional goals. This letter is a document in which you can be specific about your previous jobs and what you got from them. Would you like to see a cover letter for a job?

In this article you’ll find two cover letters samples for a job. Read these samples carefully and elaborate your own cover letter. These letters are really useful if you want to get a job according to your skills.

Sample n° 1 of a cover letter for a job:

Erick K. Johnson
124 Seashore Street
LA – California – 90002
0325 – 699569844
August 25th – 2011

Janeth J Miller
H R Manager
Mastte Corporation
354 Latonia Avenue
LA – California – 90002

Dear Mrs. Miller

I send this letter to your office because I’m applying for a job as sales representative in this corporation. The most relevant data about my experience in this area are in my resume. However, I would like to give you some details about my achievements and future goals in my career.

I finished Marketing and International Business at the Bluesmarth College in 2007. I graduated with honors and I was one of the top 5 students in my class. The next two years I worked in real estate sales. In 2012,

I was hired by a transnational company for the promotion and expansion of mobile phone products. Nowadays, this company leads the mobile phone market in this country.

I have the proficiency to assume new challenges and to make this corporation to succeed. I’m sure that my participation in this corporation will improve the sales of all your products.

Respectfully yours

Erick K Johnson.

Sample n° 2 of a cover letter for a job:

Jeremy P. Rush
456 Vanilla Street
Manhattan – NY – 10001
0456 -695586695
July 27th – 2012

Thomas Valens
H R Manager
Jaffar Stores
234 Nixon Avenue
Manhattan – NY – 10001

Dear Mr. Valens

I send this letter to express my desire to be part of this prestigious company. In this letter I included some details about the reasons I consider myself the ideal candidate to get the position of cashier.

I have two years experience working as a cashier in a shopping center. During this time, I learned to perform this job quickly and efficiently, it guarantees a good service for clients.

I want to be honest with you since the beginning, I inform you that one of the reasons I want to work here is because it’s near to my apartment and it’ll give me the possibility to save time and finish my studies at college.

Commitment and good performance are the two most important things that describe my work.

Respectfully yours

Jeremy P Rush


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