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We all have friends, many or few, good or bad, loyal or unpleasant, the fact is we can not live without them, because they will be as a part of our family.
So when we lose a friend if we feel like a brother, someone who accompanied us at all times, which made us laugh and cry, but mostly it did not allow us to feel alone and helpless in the most difficult days.

Here we address an example of the death of a dear friend, because, generally, the family asks for a few words in memory of our friend. The following funeral speech is just one example, you must adapt to their own personal experience. It remember that the most important of his speech is to highlight the affection he feels for the friend who went missing and that will make your absence.

They say a friend is someone who is with you through health and dizzy. It’s true. But I tell you that (name of deceased friend) was more than a good friend.
He was my brother, my doctor, my confidant, my best friend. As most of you know, he met more than twenty years in college, in very funny. I just dropped a hit in the face and he was the one who came to ask if I was okay. Since then, we became good friends.

Never again I met someone like him. (Name of deceased) he was always unselfish, generous, optimistic and very smart.
He taught me the city, I taught mathematics, taught me to handle, taught me to see the good in everything bad. I will be necessary for their sincerity, their good intentions, his respect and appreciation.

Among my best memories with him is that when I came to Lima to study, living alone in a rented room. My family was away and only saw them once a year. But (name of deceased friend) took care of that I never felt alone, where his family took me as another member family. I never felt alone, thanks to his friendship.

People thought we were brothers, we spend so much time together that we often blur. Ten years ago, he married the only woman who was able to love until you crazy (laughs). It was always infatuated, but in the same way chose me to be your best friend chose her as his constant companion.

She always was the motive because he did not want to leave this world. She felt bad for having them to leave alone. She was afraid of not being able to see it. It also caused him much pain you can not see grow his princess, his only daughter. So far I do not understand why God took him, but hoped that he is much better up there and where he is, we care every day.

My wife, my children (his godchildren) and everyone in this room will miss him every day, but always remember with joy.

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