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If we have a friend who we love and who occupies an important part of our hearts, with whom we have experienced it all, with whom we have lived through so many things, with whom we fell and got up all the time, then it would be very nice for you to make them know how much you love them and everything they mean to you.
A very good way for you to do it is leaving a text that we can share with them on Facebook. The idea of doing this is to tell them what we feel, the gratitude we have for them and the dreams we share. Sometimes the distances and the limited time that we have distance us from the people we love most, so take advantage of these possibilities that technology brings us today and do not let it go.
In the following lines, you will find several models of how to do it the best way. Remember to give them your personal touch and share them; undoubtedly they will be very happy and content.
Free examples of friendship texts for Facebook:
:: “With you I have experienced everything and a great part of what I am today, I owe it to you, dear friend of my heart. You are one of those friends that everyone should have to really appreciate the value of a true friend, a shoulder that is really expecting you to lean on it. I know our friendship will be everlasting, as it is the affection we have for each other. I send you much love and I hope to see you soon, we have to coordinate”.
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:: “Having the good fortune to run into friends like you is really something comparable to a miracle. Thinking about it, is that I wish we maintain this divine bond forever, dear friend. I really like you to know much you stand for in my day to day and in my entire life, because I feel that the words do not really reflect the extension to which I adore you. I send you thousands of kisses and I thank you so much for your friendship”.
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:: “The people who are truly with you in this adventure of living and with a hand on their heart, are the people who will never leave you nor allow you to be unprotected. Remember, no matter how difficult things are, how complicated the life you have to live is, I will be there by your side, making sure that all is well and that you are alright, because I love you my beautiful friend”.
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:: “Your friendship is true and genuine, the kind that is not easily found, of those that are not to spare, of those that are needed and that everyone should have in their lives. What good does it do to me to have you like my friends, your advice is always wise and thoughtful, and it is what makes me overcome everything”.
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:: “I never thought I would get to have the joy and good fortune to meet a wonderful and special person as you, friend of my heart. You are a simple and humble person, who knows what you want and how to get it. The truth is that your determination is admirable and it motivates me to be a better person every day”.
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:: “Spending my days with you has made me strong, it gives me joy, it has made me see life from another perspective, from a fresher, more innovative, more cheerful and less complicated way. If I had only known you before, I thing I would not have even half of the complexes I have now, but I know that with you there is nothing that is insurmountable. Thank you for everything, I say it with my hand on my chest”.
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The above texts are very cute and any of your friends will love the idea of you sharing them on your Facebook wall, you can be sure of that. Do not feel shy of telling them how much they represent in your life, or how valuable that smile that they knows how to get from you every day is. Do not give for granted what you have or the people that you have in your lives.
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