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Having the ability to tell someone how much we love them is not easy, indeed, it is rather a difficult task, and especially if it is the first time we are going to do it. Furthermore, is not the same for everyone because it is very different that you say I love you to one of your friends, than what could be brotherly love or love from our parents.
We refer specifically to that first type of love that exists between couples, that moment where we have to be very careful with what we say and we must choose our words with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker so that everything goes well. For you to be inspired and motivated, today we offer you several examples of how to do it the best way possible. Remember that it is very important the way in which you do it, because it will probably always be remembered.
Free examples of love texts for a girlfriend:
:: “I remember that evening as if it were yesterday. We did not know each other, I think that we had never seen the other before, because if we had I would have remembered you without a doubt, you are not one of those women who are easily forgotten. You walked casually, with a smile on your face. Since I saw the curvature of your lips I knew, for me there would not be anyone else, ever again in my life. It was imminent, inevitable and forever, I fell for you. We are together now and every day I wake up to live the dream I had all my life. I adore you my love”.
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:: “I decided it right away, I did not even had to think about it. From the first exchange of words, from the first exchange of glances, I did not need anything else. I do not know what I have done right in a past life, because what I am living with you is my idea of a miracle. You are wonderful and simply unmatched. Thank you for all that you give me, you make me very happy. Know that I love you”.
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:: “When I close my eyes, it is you who I see, that cute little girl, that golden girl, that gorgeous woman. In you there are many people at the same time, from the sweetness and tenderness of a child who discovers the world, to the experience and craftiness of a woman of the world who knows everything. There is no day that you do not surprise me my life, you got me captivated and I love it”.
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:: “How easy it is to tell someone that you love them when the feeling is felt in every pore of your skin, in every one of your heartbeats and in every time you inhale. I think that is why it is so much more complicated with you for me, because you have simply entered to the depths of my soul and there you have built a home in which I have hope you will remain forever, because I will be unable to find a better tenant than you. I love you, I hope you know it, my princess”.
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:: “Perhaps you think that telling you that I love you is nothing, perhaps you have heard it before from other lips, but I want you to know that none told you that like I tell you. None was that sincere, heartfelt and honest as my love”.
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:: “I adore you and that is the one of the greatest truths under which I live. Everything I am, little by little, I owe it to you. You pulled me out of the darkness and showed me how nice it is to live in the light. I love you, my love”.
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:: “I am sorry that that is all that I have to give you, but I give to you without thinking of it. I speak of my love, my care, my love and my life, because you have earned them with effort. I am not an easy person, but you have managed to conquer me”.
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Do not let time go past you, let her know how you feel. Select the messages you want, remember that they are completely free and are only waiting for you to choose them. See you soon and until next time, we hope you are successful and that all your dreams come true, you just have to fight for them to the end.
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