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Download free mobile applications, games, themes, ringtones,everything for Nokia, BlackBerry, Android:
At present, mobile phones are in fashion and are special products on many websites, either to provide information on equipment and also providing an update on applications such as games, ringtones, software, wallpapers, themes, text editors, spreadsheet, etc. 


Fortunately, all this can be obtained for free as well as downloaded quick and easily.

It is known that in the network there are many websites that offer multiple applications for mobile phones but there are only a few that offer the service in its entirety, or a brief description of the program to download, disk size, operating system compatibility, and so on. So, in this piece, you will be able to find a list of the most recommended web pages today.

As a first option is ZEDGE, its interface is basic, very tidy and it is in English, but with a basic knowledge of the language it will be enough got you to interact throughout the site. At the top of the homepage you will see that it shows the brand and model of your phone to the database filter and will display only the files compatible with your mobile device.

The files are divided into themes, videos, wallpapers, games, ringtones and txt. With a standard account you can download a certain amount per day and you can also upload your own files to share them with the community, which is formed by nearly 15 million active members. For more information visit their website at the following link: (

Another website is Mobile9, which is very popular among users of multimedia phones. This page is full of many applications to download, its simple interface helps novice users to search and download files easily.

The contents of the database is of good quality, the lists are always updated because they are very important for users to get an idea of what to download, such as most downloaded ones, the most important features, the most visited ones, the most voted ones, last, etc.

Mobile9 does not need you to have registered account to download applications; this site has more than 4 million people who share data between each other. To test it, visit their website at: (

There is also another page known as eSATA, this site is written in English but it has a very intuitive interface, which is pretty easy to be navigated by anyone. It is the ideal site for mobile phones of brands such as Sony Ericsson and Nokia, which are, also, the most popular on the market. It has a large number of applications that today’s phones can run, as well as interesting news to keep users informed of the latest news on cell phones.
To start downloading, go to: (

And finally, we present another great favorite place for many. Unlike the previous sites, this website is written entirely in Spanish. Its content is based primarily on games, screensavers and themes. Its files can run Flash application systems and it has list of the most downloaded files and the most voted ones.

Nowadays, it is well known by thousands of visitors who access this web site daily; simply click on the following link to get started with this site: (

It is advisable for you to be sure that the files you are going to download are secure before downloading them, as well as if they are compatible with the cellular model, brand or operating system of you own mobile phone. Although there are some web sites that filter the information, by selecting the type of cell phone you have, so that does information that you do not require does not appear, in order to keep you from this type of discomfort.

Remember that, although these web sites are recommended, it may happen that there is a virus roaming around, so that when downloading an application, the antivirus software in your computer must be enabled.

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