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Internet is a great tool that we can use when looking for work. There are many websites where you can find listings of interesting job offers. In these portals are indicated what is the profile of the company as requested and also an email address where you can send your resume indicated.
If you meet all the requirements specified in the offer, send an e- mail where you file your application. Also do not forget you have to attach your resume. Then we present some models email asking for work.
Model 1 of a work presentation letter:
From: David Llerena Torres
To: Delta Investment SAC
Dear Messrs.
I write this message to Human Resources of the company Delta Investments SAC to introduce a labor supply that you made two days ago. You are looking for an industrial welder; I have completed studies in the technical career and an experience of over three years.
I meet all the requirements requested for the job. Have immediate availability. For further details of my education and previous jobs I send my attached resume. Thank you for your attention, hoping you can contact me.
Model 2 of a work presentation letter:
From: Jorge Flores Vera
To: Restaurant “Tastes of Paradise “
Dear Messrs.
This time I write to the HR department of restaurant “Taste of Paradise”. In the notice published on your website it’s said that you need someone to head the kitchen area. I am a graduate as chef and also I have extensive experience in personnel management.
I have been working as head chef at two tourist restaurants for five years so I think I meet the required profile. I attach my resume for you to learn more about my career information. I appreciate the time and attention given.
Model 3 of a work presentation letter:
From: Diana Herrera Meza
To: Sigma Logistic
Good morning:
I am writing to Human Resources Logistic Sigma recognized company to apply for the post of clerk I have the education and experience you are looking for according to the mention in your publication.
I have served as an office assistant for two years in business in the same field that your prestigious company. I am a very organized, kind, good treatment, tolerance to work under pressure. I send my resume that I have more information about me. Thank you for the attention provided.
Model 4 of a work presentation letter:
From: Cristina Orbegoso Téllez
To: Food Industries “The Windmill”
Good morning:
I write this email to Human Resources for Food Industries “El Molino ” to apply for the position of assistant buyer. I have completed studies in management and I have extensive experience in negotiating with national and international suppliers.
Along with this message, I attached to them my resume so that I can check out some more information about my experience and my education, with respective records. I thank you for giving attention to my candidacy.
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