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free antivirus, antivirus tips, antivirus advicesHow to remove viruses from your PC

Your computer may be infected with viruses in multiple ways. The most common way is downloading songs, videos or any other files that are infected with malicious code.
It can also occur when you open emails that come from strangers and offer songs and invite you to click on a link for something to change, even when you connect an external storage device be it a USB, or a cell phone to your PC, the virus can infect your computer.
A virus can damage the information you have into your computer or cause it to malfunction. If you are asking how to detect and remove viruses that are on your computer, you are in the right place because, in this article, we will give you instructions to follow to remove viruses from your computer.
First, detect the virus
You must have an updated antivirus if you want to detect viruses that have installed in your computer. If you do not have one and have an Internet connection, you can make use of the online antivirus that offer companies known as panda (, ESET ( / online-scanner) or Bitdefender (www / scanner / online), which run a scan online detecting the virus that have attacked your computer. Remember that these online applications are free.
Second Backup copies
It is recommended that you back up your most important files as this should give you data safe in case of a virus have infected your computer.
In the event that a virus is hidden in one of your files, when you remove the virus there are high possibilities to also lose the file or data inside. To make these backups can use software like Cobian Backup or Norton Ghost.
Third, disconnect from the Internet
At present the most interest from the creators of viruses is to infect computers to access them remotely and used to infect other computers, it is for this reason that when your computer is infected it becomes slow. For the virus removal process to be successful, you should disconnect your PC from the network.
In case your computer access the Internet through a local network, you will disconnect the Ethernet cable or close the Wi-Fi if it is active. Once you have taken these steps you can run the antivirus you have installed on your computer.
Fourth, reboot your PC and restore your information
Now that you have run your antivirus and this has removed all the viruses that were in your computer, you may be prompted to restart your computer, if it is not so it is recommended to reboot it. Once you have done, check if your personal information is safe. In case you lost some files, use the backup that you made to restore them. Now you can restore Internet access.
Follow these simple tips and removes viruses from your computer. Do not forget that it is important to have an antivirus and keep it updated to prevent future infections and especially suspicious emails you have not asked for or from unknown addressee.
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