Good Sample Letter To Apply For A Job

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Work is a need we all have as we have to get the income needed to pay for many goods and services we require daily. One of the keys at the time of getting a job is having the experience in the skills required to ensure the best performance at work.

If you have extensive experience and certifications that guarantee your higher education, your chances to get a profitable employment increase; yet this does not ensure you to get the desired job in the company in which you want to work. Do you want to work in a particular company? Here we bring you two sample letters that you can customize to send to the company you want to labor at.

Example 1 of an applying for a job letter:

Toronto, May 15th, 2011

Ricardo Linares Schaets
Jasmine Avenue No 345

South Bank
Personnel Management
No 1280 Grau street
Tel 5938754

To whom it may concern:

Through this, I, Ricardo Linares Schaets, identified with national identification document number 45678934, bachelor of bank teller career, I am contacting you with the following reason.

I just finished my pre-professional experience in BCP bank having acquired necessary experience and consider myself ready to assume more responsibility to keep increasing my professional development. I have reviewed the Internet through different job offers and I am very impressed with the job opportunity for recent graduates that your bank offers.

I think I have the ideal profile to apply for this opportunity and I guarantee that if you hired me, I will highlight for my good performance, punctuality and responsibility.

I consider this bank is one of the largest in South America and one of the best places to work in the country. For that reason, it would be an honor to be part of this prestigious institution. To end up, I attached my resume for you to review it and considerate the items you need to know.

Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. I wish you success in your work.


Ricardo Linares Schaets

Example 2 of an applying for a job letter:

Asunción, October 10th, 2012

Raul Mejía Ortiz
Simon Bolivar Avenue No 1190
Tel 8217393

Hospital de la Ciudad
Office of Human Resources
Second street No 1230
Tel 4589231

To whom it may concern:

Through this letter, I, Raul Mejía Ortiz, nationally identified with the number card No 50675324, bachelor’s degree in radiology technician, I do my presentation.

I finished my career four years ago and I have served as a hospital radiographer in central Asunción. I am currently looking for a career opportunity that allows me to improve my income and quality of life for my family. Therefore when I saw the announcement that you published about the charge of Chief of radiology team, I knew immediately it was the opportunity I was waiting.

Joined to this letter I attached my CV. If you want to know about my professional career you may consult my work experience and skills as well as my academic preparation. I also attached the respective documentation.

I wish you every success in your work and thank you for the care and time provided.


Raul Mejía Ortiz

Use these sample letter to introduce yourself to the company you want to join and you’ll improve your employment options.

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