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Doesn’t matter how much love there is between a couple, the discussions between them are unavoidable. Sometimes challenges arise because one of the two is wrong and the other person feels that her boyfriend or girlfriend can’t recognize his/ her faults.
If you made a mistake and that turns in an impediment to the relationship for this to go well, offer your apologies to your partner to settle your differences. If you ask to be forgiven is important that you do it because you really want to improve your relationship.
If you want things between you both improve then send your apologize through a letter. Then, we present two examples of letters of apology to your partner.
Example No. 1 of an apology letter:
From: Hector
To: Laura
Hello Laura,
I understand your discomfort with all things that have happened and you do not want to talk to me so that’s why I am sending you this. I accept that I was wrong, I have caused a lot of pain and that have disappointed you.
I ask you to forgive me, I should never act that way with you, and you do not deserve what I did. You are the woman that I love and I do not want to be without you. I acted childishly and I realized how much it would hurt, later.
What I want the most in this life is to be with you. Sorry again, excuse me please. I want you back in my life. The feeling that joins us is greater than any difficulty. My dear, I hope your answer is yes, and get back together for love as always. You are important to me.
I love you with all my heart,
Example Nº 2 of an apology letter:
From: Amanda
To: Gary
I would start by saying that I hope you are right, but I know you’re not. Gary, I am sending you this because I want to express my feelings. I do not want to continue like this, we love and the things that have happened can easily be solved.
I apologize, I made a mistake, I should never get involved with another person and I feel deeply sorry but I will not deny. My feelings were confused at the time and maybe I looked in other person the affection that you were not giving to me. I know what I did wrong. But I want you to give me another chance.
Between you and me there is great love, and if I am with you again I assure I won’t disappoint you ever. You are upset and you have all the reason in the world to be like that, but now I’m recognizing that I was wrong so maybe ours can follow.
We have had a lot of adversity and this is something we can fix. I will do everything to earn your love again. I want to be by your side to show you that my love is true, I love you Gary and I hope you can think about what I say.
We hope that these samples of letters to say sorry have helped you to write your own letter of apology. Keep in mind that if your partner really loves you, he or she will know how to apologize you.
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