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Christmas celebrations always invade us all with its spirit and magic details. It is an important date and perhaps even more for children who expect the gifts they have been waiting for all year.

The carols, the lights, the tree full of lights and above all Santa Claus dazzles us with lots of presents and deludes little ones who are the ones that most enjoy such a special event.

It is always good to share a few greeting messages with children and also write a few greetings in the cards of their gifts to make the gift even more special. Up ahead we offer you a series of phrases you can use for Christmas.

Free list of Christmas greetings for children:

– “May you have a happy holiday child, remember that these dates are the most special because we get to spend them with all the people we love. I love you my son.”
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– “You have behaved very well this year and for that Santa Claus will reward you as you deserve. Be grateful for what he brings you and remember that not all children are as lucky as you are. Happy Christmas!”
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– “You have waited long for these date to arrive and I am aware of that. I know you have waited for your gifts very anxiously but remember that Christmas is not only about the gifts you get. It is about remembering that baby Jesus was born to save us all. So always remember to give thanks to Him and you will very happy.”
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– “Dear daughter, I am so happy to see you so excited about this date. Note that this date is also the date of birth of baby Jesus who was born to save us all. Merry Christmas little one, thank God for all he has blessed you. I love you.”
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– “Lovely granddaughter, I wish you a very happy Christmas and may you receive baby Jesus within you. Feel grateful for your family who loves you very much and is always there to support you. I love you.”
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– “Do not forget that in Christmas you have to welcome baby Jesus inside your heart. Just as you receive gifts, you also have to behave your best and that way you will make him very happy. I love you dear niece. Happy Christmas! “
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– ” Little Princess, I hope you have a very joyous Christmas along with the company of your family and you take baby Jesus within your heart. Give thanks for having around you people who love you and want only the best for you.”
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– “You are a very kind child and that is blessed by the baby Jesus with gifts.”
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– “Do not forget to thank God for having the love of your family, your parents and receiving all the gifts you get. Happy Christmas!
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– “I have always loved you like a daughter and I hope you spend a very happy Christmas. Never fail to be kind and loving as ever. Your parents and I love you very much. Merry Christmas niece. “
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– “Merry Christmas my princess! May baby Jesus bless you with happiness forever. Your whole family loves you very much.”
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For the little ones, Christmas is probably one of the most important and expected dates of the year. Share with them these phrases to prove them all your love.

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