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If you are in charge of a company that has just entered into the market it must be a priority to become known, so you can use various methods to achieve this goal.
Perhaps the most common of all, is advertising on radio and television and the Internet having a wide range of all sectors of the population.
Despite this, relationships between companies are necessary, it’s required to meet the different companies that may be interested in doing business, it is best to make a formal presentation via email. It should be mentioned on it, the basic company information detailing the various products or services offered. Then we will give two examples of e-filing of a business.
Example 1 of a business presentation mail:
Sweet Temptation
No 890Policeman Av
Tel 3453400
Dear Messrs.
Through this our company, Sweet Temptation, formally presented to Commercial Pérez in order to establish commercial ties.
We have a wide range of sweets and candies that stand out for its great taste and high quality standards that we have implemented in our production factories. We also have all the necessary logistics for the distribution of our products among our customers.
Currently we are looking for distributors who want to distribute our products, which have been gaining recognition in recent months. Among these we can highlight “Bon bon”, “Chewing Gomma” and “Tofee Big Ben” which have the respective television spots.
For additional information, our operators are waiting for your call to answer any question you may have. Our contact information is on the front of this statement. We parted wishing them every success in their work.
Sweet Temptation
Example 2 of a business presentation mail:
Av Roma n ° 450
Tel 97639720
Dear Messrs.
Through this statement our company, TOPOMINE SAC is pleased to report to the purchasing department of Construction Lopez SA in order to establish trade links.
We TOPOMINE SAC are a renowned company in the field of importing and selling surveying equipment, likewise as in advising and developing various GIS projects. We have a high experience and hundreds of sales to the largest companies in the country, which we recognized in a large and reliable ally.
We stock equipment from the top brands in the market and can be found in our online catalogs through our website. We offer two year warranty on our team and free maintenance during that time.
For more information about our products and ask quotes can do so through the website or the phone numbers listed at the beginning of this release.
We parted wishing them success in all your work.
Sales department
As you have notice in these examples, you should always make an emphasis on the products offered, in his goodness and ensuring the provision of services.
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