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In the company where we labor, there are different tasks that require our attention and commitment, as part of our job responsibility, despite the effort to perform as employees may commit some mistakes that affect not only our work but also the of our colleagues.
That’s when our immediate supervisor must notify us of the error that we have made in order to implement corrective measures and search not to repeat such failure.
Yet some employees fall into the same mistakes and that is when the employer, manager or boss, see the need to send a memo. This is a document which outlines the causes or circumstances in which the employee made a mistake and it proceeds a call to avoid fall into it again.
Here we bring you three examples of labor memorandum which you as a chief can customize according to the situation.
Example 1 of a work memorandum model:
Quito, April 15th, 2013
Eduardo Galindo Garcia
Worker – Machine Shop
Internal document No 2340
Subject: Memorandum
Through this statement, I inform Mr. Eduardo Galindo Garcia, machine shop worker, the repeated offenses that have been committed in their workplace.
In our company we have a work schedule that begins at 8 am reason why always we stated that our employees can present 15 minutes earlier in order to anticipate any issues that may arise during their mobilization to their workplace. In this company we consider of vital importance and value punctuality of our employees.
Second, the work performed in the area to which you belong has a high level of occupational risk and that’s why we have arranged all measures and protective equipment necessary to protect the integrity of our employees. It is for this reason that we call attention to the correct use of safety equipment. Remember that it is in order to protect your own health. We hope that these faults do not continue to present.
Ana Perez de Cuellar
Area Manager – Mechanical workshop
Example 2 of a work memorandum model:
Santiago, Chile, February 15th, 2013
Yolie Cosmetics
Ana Prieto Gaona
Operator – Production Area
Internal document number 1230
Reason: memorandum
Through this document, our Human Resources office contacts you, Miss Ana Prieto Gaona who currently works as an operator in the production area, to make their knowledge certain offenses committed in your work schedule.
In our company we have arranged a work schedule and a machine in which employees automatically record their entry and exit through his photo check. The latter document identifies you as an employee of this company and therefore must be worn in a visible place during working hours. We have received reports repeatedly telling us that you have been found without the relevant document in a visible place.
For this reason we call attention and we remind you have signed commitment to join our company to work on which is inscribed the rules of the company. In one of its clauses mentions use our mandatory license company in a visible place. We hope to take the appropriate corrective action.
Diana Paredes,
Head of Human Resources
Yolie Cosmetics
Example 3 of a work memorandum model:
Cali, November 20th, 2012
Tecnoequipos SA
Olga Jimenez
Internal document number: 351
Subject: Memorandum
Through this statement, we headed to Miss Olga Jimenez currently serves as the receptionist of our company.
Yesterday, in our monitoring area repeatedly informed us that your work area was abandoned. Please remember your commitment and responsibility to the company and its main function is to welcome and provide case information to all our visitors.
If at any time you need to withdraw from your work area can advise you leave someone in charge of your area, we do not want to offend people who visit our company.
Administrative Department
Tecniequipos SA
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