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Love can change our lives; love is what really gives us happiness because there’s nothing better than having someone to love. Tell your fiancé “I love you” at anytime, show him/ her love between you is wonderful and makes you happy.

Before cell phones and mobile devices spread around the world, the majority of couples expressed their feelings in love letters. Now is different. Today couples send love SMS, post love quotes on facebook or use a lot of love emoticons when chatting.

Most of couples prefer SMS because they allow people to communicate quickly. Would you like to send any love SMS to your fiancé? In this article we’ll show you a list of love SMSM and messages. Send one of these texts and express your real feelings for the one you love.

Free list of love messages:

– “It seems there’s nothing in this world that could make me happy as when you are with me, That’s why every time I kiss you I wish the moment last forever”
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– “Our love will go to the moon and the sun and it will continue going to thousands of places, you and me always together”
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– “There was a moment in which I thought I was crazy but I met you and you were the magic remedy that relieved my mind and my lonely heart, I really love you”
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– “I try to hide what I feel for you but I can’t because my heart beats without control when you’re close to me, please don’t blame me for falling in love”
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– “Two days passed and I can’t sleep, I can’t do it because I need to know if you feel something for me too”
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– “I always had an excuse to be with you but before excuses will be over I want you to know that I fall I love with you easily”
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– “You are the only one who I love, my feelings for you are amazing, it’s the best thing of all and it’s love”
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– “I see you in my dreams and when I get up I just think about you, make my dream real, accept my love”
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– “I met you in a beautiful afternoon and I will never forget it because it was the most beautiful afternoon in my life. I love you with all my heart because you’re everything for me”
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– “You’re so cute that sometimes I think you don’t exist, sometimes I think you’re an angel”
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– “Everything about you is special, you’re a pretty girl and the best part is that your heart is full of love for me”
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– “When you touch me, I feel your love in my skin and my heart, now I guess I finally fall in love”
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We hope you liked these love SMS and Messages. Remember, a short message can give you a lot of happiness.

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