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Unfortunately, at some point in their lives, everyone has faced a breakup. Under these circumstances, you feel that the world is over and that things do not make any sense. You are quite certain that your heart will never heal, much less that love will be restored.
Do not throw yourself onto the ground and mourn, get up and move on, you will see that little by little things will improve and all this will have given you a lot of strength. For now it may seem hard for you to get up; but, do not get beat down, remember that you still have many goals to achieve and this is just an obstacle in your way. Now, we will show you some text prayers that can be of great comfort for you or for a loved one who is going through this unpleasant and painful moment.
Free examples of encouraging texts after a breakup:
:: “The changes can make you feel fear, you do not know what fate holds for you; but do not panic and remain calm, you will see that it will all get better sooner than you expect it. Today someone broke your heart and all your dreams have vanished; however, do not be defeated, soon someone new will come and you will love again”.
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:: “Today someone broke something inside of you, you probably feel that you are in the bottom of a well, you have no idea how to heal and you feel lost; do not panic, you will see that all these feelings will go away. Tomorrow you will feel like a stronger person that the pain in your heart has gone on its own and without realizing you have fallen in love; therefore, do not be sad and always keep these beautiful words of encouragement”.
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:: “Today the day could have been cloudy, but that does not mean that the sun will not appear. Surely you are not having a good time, but you will see that soon your world be filled with light and joy”.
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:: “I wish I could avoid all the suffering in your life, but unfortunately it is part of what it means to live. For now my heart breaks seeing you like this, I would do anything to avoid it; however, this break up will make you a brave person and you it will leave you a lesson. I just wish that time could go faster, that your eyes stop shedding tears and that your body is flooded with joy. Remember, you have to learn this lesson and do not ever make the same mistakes, there is a long way ahead still waiting for you”.
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:: “Overcoming a breakup is inevitable and you must go through a process to be able to do it successfully. In it, you will start with a phase to heal your heart, you will see in what you missed and you will prepare to return to love again. I am sure that soon you will shine again and that you will find someone who will not let the love fade over time”.
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:: “Never blame yourself for what happened, do not cry over spilled milk, in a relationship the blame is always of the two partners. There is no sense in repenting, now you must think that things always happen for a reason and soon you will be much better. Soon your days will be sunny, you will understand that you are worth gold and understand that the biggest loser in this situation is him. Go ahead and everything will be better soon”.
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:: “The sadness runs through your veins, you do not seem to find comfort in so much pain and you fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I understand you, I have been through the same thing. Now, you just have to find the courage within yourself to pick yourself up and move on. I know it is easier said than done, but I assure you that if you can get up and put this behind you, in the future nobody will be able to throw you back down”.
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:: “God said that in life everyone reaps what they sow. For now you are going through a bad time, but continue to sow good things and you will see how well you the future will treat you”.
Category: encouraging texts after a breakup
Closing a stage in your life means the beginning of another one, it may not have been completed as you expected; however, it only depends on how you want to start this new phase. We hope these prayers have helped comforting you and give you encouragement to keep on going. All the best for you and never let your courage behind.
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