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Dubai, due to the money coming from the oil, this country began to develop a series of buildings designed to capture the global cosmopolitan tourists, so this allowed it to have an economic alternative for when its oil resources run out, a goal that has been achieved in spite of their culture and Islamic religion.

Dubai is also known as the Emirate of Dubai, it actually forms part of the United Arabian Emirates and it is located in the Persian Gulf. Its weather is very sunny, being the period from March to November, the season with the greatest heat (47 ° C during the day and 25 ° C at night) and the months of lowest temperature (25 ° C during the day and 15 ° C at night), from December to March. The period from June to September (high season for tourism)

The access to Dubai is by air through Dubai International Airport, which because of the incessant movement of passengers (34 million in 2007, 38 million in 2008, and 40 million in 2009 and 43 million passengers through November 2010) has become the most important in the Middle East. It is currently used by over 130 airlines, which has generated the necessity for some new airports called Dubai World Central International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport (the construction began in 2007, estimated completion in 2017 and since July of the present year it actually is receiving flights) because it is considered that in 2020 Dubai will count with about 120 million passengers per year.

The natural tourist resorts in Dubai are the beaches with the clearest water ever; they count with temperatures almost perfect and of course white sand, this actually allow the tourists to develop some activities like swimming, diving and windsurfing. Its main public beach is Jumeira Beach. Other well-known public beaches are: Open Beach or also Russian Beach and Al Mamzam Beach. Some beaches are private because they belong to the existing hotels in the area and to have access you actually have to pay a certain amount of money such as Jumeirah Beach Park.

The architectural development of the City of Dubai has created the appearance of a new artificial tourist resort with the development of large buildings for tourism and leisure in particular, the principal ones are:

1.       Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the entire world with its 832 meters, it was known during its construction process as Burj Dubai and it also is the only 7 star hotel in the world, besides it is already in operation since January 2010.

2.       Emirates Towers, these are two towers of 355 meters (office) and 309 meters (5-star hotel Jumeirah Emirates Towers) respectively.

3.       Twin Towers, it actually is a pioneer in building construction of skyscrapers.

4.       Rose Tower, it is a 333 meters height building which was modified to be a 5 stars hotel full of luxury

5.       Palm Jumeirah a set of palm-shaped islands, it was built by gaining ground over the sea.

In Dubai, people move around in buses which are owned by the state itself and these buses can cover more than 190 routes ( There are also taxis to hire via online, although their prices far exceed the costs of the buses ( In the year 2009, it has been put into operation the Dubai Metro with two lines.

Also for those who count with the taste and pleasure for the good art, they can visit the Dubai National Museum and the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Center. The accommodations are expensive because they are mostly 5 star hotels, but still if you are searching sites like the we can find accommodations for costs from 37 Euros to 51 Euros per day and per room.

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