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Going to Rome with cheap flights,low cost information :

The city of Rome is one of the most demanding tourist destinations because of its status as capital of the Roman Empire and as a capital of the Catholics over the whole world and to visit this precious city, it is good to know that there are ways to get cheap tickets.

Rome, also known as “Eternal City”, receives more than 28 million of people per year, well, this is because it counts with a remarkable offers including tourist resources like: historical vestiges of the Roman Empire, Basilicas and Religious Museums, Museums and art galleries, department stores and jewelry stores designers and of course the nights in discos and bars.

Traveling to Rome means knowing when to go, because the seasons are well marked and it will depend on the season what type of clothes to wear and the places to visit within the city and it would be the best to consult some specialized portals such as weather forecasts
http://www. ,this will allow us the access to the weather information.

Now we are looking for cheap tickets and we can find airlines which offer really low prices, these are also known as the Low Cost Airlines, their success lies not only in innovation to sell tickets in advance via online through and that way they can reduce their costs of billing, at times without much demand, but sacrificing comfort and quality in some services, but of course without neglecting the safety of flights.

These low-cost airlines are dedicated to travel by short routes in nearby airspace like the case of Europe and internal air spaces like the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador. Actually it can be found on the web site and here we can search, reserve some flights and buy tickets through Directions.

However, we believe that the portal called is friendlier because it allows searching for air tickets to travel without the necessity of purchasing the air ticket to return, it happens not only on its database but on other sites like e- Dreams, Rumbo, Travel and KLM. So they can show you the offer if it is cheaper than their own.

For example if I wanted to make the route Madrid (Barajas International Airport) – Rome (Leonardo da Vinci Airport – Fiumicino) for the January 10, 2011 one-way non-stop flight, and by choosing the exact date, the cheaper plane ticket is the one offered by Air Europe 62 Euros for the 10/01/2011, but if I choose the option flexible dates on the date, the cheaper ticket would be the one offered by Easy jet for 31 Euros for 13/01/2011.

Some other exmples :
Air Europe 62 Euros
Ryan air 72 Euros
Easy jet 81 Euros
Vueling 88 Euros
Alitalia 307 Euros
Iberia 614 Euros 

If we want to travel from America to Europe, there are no low cost air companies and these are the well- know traditional airlines which will make special offers but for a really short time, sometimes even for a few hours, so if you want to travel, you should always be looking at specialized portals located on the web and if you find it, you really have to buy it immediately. These offers are often on dates and times of low demand.

For example if I wanted to make the route Lima – Peru (Jorge Chavez International Airport) – Rome (Leonardo da Vinci Airport – Fiumicino) for the January 10, 2011 one-way direct flight with just one scale, the cheapest air ticket would be offered to me by Air Europe 947Euros for 10/01/2011.

Some examples :

Air Europe  947 Euros
LAN 1142 Euros
Iberia 1155 Euros
KLM 1322 Euros
Taca Airlines 1782 Euros
American Airlines 1797 Euros
LACSA 1808 Euros

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