Last modified 10/05/2023

the cheapest hotels in dubai,cheap hotels in dubai,budget  hotels in dubaiDiscovering Dubai: how to find good hotels without spending too much :

If choosing a destination was always linked to vestiges and historical monuments, Dubai today has established itself as a cosmopolitan tourist destination, which everyone wants to visit at least once, the wealthy tourist and the tourist who decides to embark on the adventure and save to take a luxury, so now we will give them the information necessary so it will allow them to plan their holiday tourism travel smoothly.

Dubai, a cosmopolitan city, which until recently was just a desert oil producer, has now become a destination for tourists of “high standing” or “tourist class” with hotels of 7 and 5 stars each, with housing costs over 500 euros per night, without any kind of restriction, it also has become an attraction for tourists seeking accommodation costs per night with less than 50 euros, in order to save money.

To help in your search we have used the instrument of greater value in these modern times: the Internet, which is always available, not knowing of office hours, or physical locations to limit access and there we have found some web pages with details about accommodation and all of them made some requests for information: length of stay, number of rooms required, number of people. Do not forget that it is necessary to define before the trip about how much money is actually available for housing every day, allowing us to define what category of hotel you can hire without suffering any money incidents.

For that reason, the specialized portals we recommend to visit, so you can the right hotels, shows according to our housing requirements set out a list of hotels and once chosen the one interested by us, we can select and book the good hotel we really like with only a click, because most service offers online reservation and booking. Here’s the list:

·         Portal or Travel agency specialized in tourism and it website

This site has its own versions in Latin America (Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela). Click on the option Hotel, then you write in the blank boxes Dubai, the length of the journey and then you choose the hotel category (number of stars), number of rooms, adults and children and the search engine automatically identifies hotels.

Royal Falcón Hotel 227.06 Euros
Jormand Hotel Apartments 332.78 Euros
Arabian Park Hotel 336.81 Euros
Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai 238.52 Euros

·         specialized search portal offering tourism related sites # hotel

Engine simultaneous price which offers sites of 250 tour operators, looking for always finding the cheapest offers compared with other including portals and it can also redirect Internet users to the website of the provider selected.

Royal Falcón Hotel  232.47 euros
Rush Inn 234.75 euros
Jormand Hotel Apartments 339.34 euros
Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai 240.00 euros
Arabian Park Hotel 340.16 euros
Grand Midwest Express Ibn Batutta 440.90 euros

·         Portal or Travel agency specialized in tourism as

 Site Web page that allows you to find the best hotel suited to your finances.

Royal Falcón Hotel    235.95 euros
Jormand Hotel Apartments 343.56 euros
Arabian Park Hotel 344.47 euros
Richmond Hotel Apartments 345.38 euros
Almanar  Hotel Apartments 446.28 euros
Grand Midwest Express Ibn Batutta 451.46 euros

Finally, remember that Dubai is a Muslim society, and as such it is very attached to certain habits that may not be compatible with your way of seeing life, avoid problems and just enjoy the travel to a modern and cosmopolitan view like none in the entire Middle East. Good trip.

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