What are the best mobile phones to surf through the internet

Best internet browsing mobile phones ? :

Today it is very common to count with a cell phone to communicate with the others; however there are some cell phones which go beyond the old and simple communication. Many mobile equipment Corporations have evaluated new kind of technologies to implement modern functions in the cell phone service, which is the case of those cell phones created with a principal objective, the useful and quickest surfing through the internet.

Next we will make mention of the most remarkable cell phones with internet navigator on them until now:

The BlackBerry Storm : This is actually one of the latest equipments released to the current market by the BlackBerry Company. This is a Smartphone which counts with a touch screen and a 3, 2 MP camera. This model has been improved with the resolution quality of the screen; likewise a memory has been implemented so the execution of many applications will be more efficient and nicer for the user. To give a correct complement to its internet networks, it has been incorporated a world Roaming with some 4 broad-band 3G and GSM networks, besides it is compatible with any kind of WI-FI network.

The Motorola Q9 : This model has great advantages compared with the other models previously designed. Motorola Q9 has a high resolution screen which allows watching the web pages better than before. Actually this is one of the few types of equipment with the Windows System on its own structure. The access to the web is executed through the 3G network with full HTML. It has a speed of data transmission over 3, 6 Mbps with HDSPA and the access is granted by the GPRS/EDGE Class 10 HSDPA 3.6. Besides it has incorporated the GPS system, which helps to locate the equipment at a global level.

Sony Ericsson XperiaX1 : The Sony Ericsson Company released to the market a sophisticated and compact design of cell phone, which counts with a elegant design, with a great potency to develop jobs, which can be customized for the principal control board of the equipment. It counts with a touch screen which allows executing a lot of good application. Its design offers a QWERTY physical keyboard and an optical joystick for the good handling of the web pages. The internet access with this kind of equipment is executed fast and simple, because it counts with a 3G turbo network, which helps to develop an efficient audio and video data transmission process. The execution of the video calls is excellent because it has a 2.5 MP camera. To complement the internet navigation process, it counts with the WI-FI option so it can access to the internet faster than normal.
( http://www.sonyericsson.com)

The iPhone 4 : Apple releases its latest product of the iPhone saga, it actually counts with great improvements, for example it has a more sophisticated retinal screen which helps to watch the texts and images with exact precision and absolute clarity. Likewise it has been incorporated the revolutionary FaceTime, which allows to make video calls with a great 3GS internet network. It can develop multi-jobs and also it has incorporated the iOS 4 system on it. Its mobile and wireless networks are GSM/EDGE with 850, 900, 1.800, 1.900 MHz, with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n a 2, 4 GHz. With this, the internet navigation is absolutely comfortable and dynamic for the regular user.