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The times to be a tourist have changed, now we no longer need a travel agencies which are in charge to establish a routine scheduled for us and fixed for by themselves, we can now establish our own tourist route and according to the money we have in our pocket, then we can use the web to locate lodging, transportation and also to establish travel routes.

The enormous size of Canada is in contrast with the low percentage of land occupied by the large urban cities, so this will allow to establishing better times required for a great vacation or tourist trip, when we just want to know cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec, their resources are related to ski resorts, to enjoy the festivals of various kinds as well as museums and shops.

Any tourist who want to travel to Canada, the first thing to do is to define what you really want to know and do on your trip, skiing, traveling to Niagara Falls, go to the beach or visit museums, so it should be noted always what kind of weather is going to face because the winter and summer are either too cold or too hot, in other words, it absolutely will decide what clothes to wear.

Although it is more advisable to go in the fall for those not accustomed to extreme weather and even if you do not believe it is cheaper than the other seasons (from July until September is high season), depending on the area, the tourists must evaluate their knowledge of English or French, this is because in Canada those are the official languages.

The tourists, who want to go to Canada, should know that the available money there is the Canadian dollar and to see the exchange rate you really must visit some specialized sites in the conversion of money, one of the most popular, so you cannot have economic problems in the future journey. Credit cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express can be used without problems, although you should carry traveler’s checks in Canadian kind of money.

Canada has several international airports like Pierre Elliott Trudeau-Montreal, Pearson Toronto and Vancouver and must figure out which one gets you closer to your travel destination. For those who arrive from Europe by sea on cruise passengers, they should know that the only port is enabled in Montreal and its website is

To travel between the cities, if you do not count with too many time, it is best to catch a plane either on Air Canada ( or West Jet Airlines (, actually on their web pages you can surely can purchase tickets, tour tourist and hotel reservations.

Due to the considerable distances between cities, you can travel by train in the Via Rail Canada Company with more than 450 destinations across Canada and their website is it actually counts with options in Spanish and advice for tourists. The advantage you have to travel by train is that you can truly know the Canadian territory and to do that we can acquire the Canrailpass, allowing a period of 21 days to travel 7 times in all over Canada. You can also travel by road in the bus company Greyhound Bus Company The important thing is that these companies offer discounts and the tickets can be purchased online.

To stay on a hotel, house or inn, the price may change a lot starting with places which cost 82 Canadian dollars and there are many others with price over 267 Canadian dollars. Actually it can be checked out at, in any case you can also check out this other page for some other hotels, because their Price is lower, we are talking about since 13 to 47 Canadian dollars per night.


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