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Surely you are very happy to have the opportunity to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday beside him, as well as the arrival of a new stage in his life. You will see that he will be very happy and pleased to receive the best wishes from the people he loves the most, whether they are a part of his family or his friends, perhaps also people with whom he works or just acquaintances, but the greetings and affection that will make him happiest, will be yours, the woman he loves.
So in order to meet and satisfy his expectations for this day, you must make sure that the message you send will be loaded with sweetness and a lot of love, that way he will be radiantly happy and will know it is true when you say you love him. So put a little effort of your part and select a message from the examples we offer you on the lines below; remember to add them your personal touch and make this day the best for him.
Free list of birthday messages for my boyfriend:
:: “What we have cannot be compared to anything the world has ever seen. Because it is something pure, that is born from the soul and is expressed with tender caresses, passionate kisses and so much love in a daily basis. Today, that you are celebrating your birthday, I would like to give you the world, my life, because you deserve that and so much more. I hope you get my love and that it makes you very happy. I adore my King”.
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:: “I hope that the arrival of your birthday be just like that summer we expected so much after the long winter. A moment of freedom, of happiness and of renewal. I know that great things wait for you because I am aware of what you are capable of, my love. Go out into the world, destroy everything”.
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:: “For sure this day will be different from the others that you had the opportunity to celebrate your birthday, because this time I am by your side and I am willing to pamper you so much, because that is what your love that is so big evokes in me. I want you to leave all problems aside and that nothing disturbs you, so I will make sure your dreams come true, you just sit back and relax. I love you very much and I wish you the very best in your day”.
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:: “How great that we are celebrating your birthday my sweetie. I am very happy to see how you have gradually grown into the man you always wanted to be, the one who I admire and adore so much. I hope you know how much I love you and that all I want for you is the best. I send you a thousand kisses, I cannot wait to see you”.
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:: “For this opportunity, I feel that even the melodies I hear are different, that they lift me to heights and that I am flying with you. That ecstatic is how I feel to know that tomorrow is your birthday, because I have been waiting so long to celebrate this very special day with you, as we like so much. I adore you my cute little baby, you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in this life and I wish you the best birthday ever”.
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:: “The time has come for us to cut the cake and sing in unison for you, because it is your birthday, my love. I hope you love the surprises that you will gradually discover along the day. All the people who love you and me are happy to see you achieve your goals with such determination, effort and sacrifice, we know that you will get very far in life and that you will achieve great things. Happy birthday baby”.
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:: “The fact that of celebrating birthdays, rather than the fact itself of the cake and being surrounded by our loved ones, is the occasion in which we celebrate the fact of being alive. That is why I want you to receive this day with a lot of passion, remembering that we still have a lot to live, but that everything will be fine as long as we are together. Happy birthday, dear sweetie”.
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Do not miss this perfect opportunity to express all of your feelings to that special person. See you soon, good luck.
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