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If you have nephews, you must love them very much and see them as if they were your own children. Sure you want the best for them and you take care of them.
We want for our nephews the same as for our children. Welfare, joy, health and love. We also try to counsel them to make good decisions in life, to not make the same mistakes that we or our brothers committed.
On the day of his birthday, beside the gift you have prepared for him for sure, it would be a nice detail to write a short letter to him, greeting him and giving him little to think about. Reflect on what he should take into account each year he celebrates. It is a way to give the best tips result of your experience. A better gift than a material thing will always be some good advice.
On the next lines we leave you with a model of reflection for you to get inspired if you do not know how to start. You can give it to him on a card or why not post is through social networks so others would also benefit from reading it.
Free birthday letter for my nephew:
Hello dear nephew,
First of all, Happy Birthday. I am glad to see you celebrate one more year of life; it is good to see you so big and so happy. You are the pride of your parents and mine too.
Apart from the party and the gifts, the important thing of birthdays is that they allow you to reflect upon your life, what you are doing with it and what you are accomplishing with every year that passes. You should try to grow with every birthday, not only in years but also in wisdom, trying to become a better person every year you meet son.
Live your dreams without trampling on anyone. Live in the present without looking back and without worrying about the future because today is the only day that counts. Never ignore what your heart tells you and never go against your principles to follow others. These are the few tips I can give you of life dear nephew, I want you to be very happy in your life, and you always do the right and above all, enjoy this day. Birthdays happen only once a year so enjoy this one. You will never turn 16 again so do not waste another minute, or this day or the other you have left to live.
I consider you as my son and so I do not want you to forget that you can always count on me. If there is anything I can help, any advice I can give, I will give it to you and help with all the pleasure of the world. I love you and I know you will have a great future.
Happy Birthday again nephew, eat a lot of cake, receive many gifts and keep this short letter, this thought close to your heart.
We hope you liked the idea of reflection as a birthday gift for your nephew and that you also liked the model that we prepared for you. We hope we have inspired you to make your own.
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