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Weddings are events with all kinds of emotions. People listen carefully to the words from bride and groom, joy makes guests cry to see two people united by love, and the future in-laws are excited to see their children getting married.
Weddings make the newlyweds and all their loved ones happy. They all know this is a day to celebrate the union of two people who truly love each other. On such a special occasion, dedicating a few words to the newlyweds is considered an appropriate gesture.
Those dedications should talk about how the bride and the groom love each other and the happiness that awaits them. Do you want to know the best wedding dedications? Here is the answer. We give you the nicest dedications of all. Make the newlyweds feel proud of their love.
Free wedding dedications:
:: “I thought you were two angels kissing at the altar, I thought about how much you love each other since you first met, but I never thought your love would get this far. You both have overcome all obstacles to your relationship together. Now that you are husband and wife, you will be surely as happy as you can be”.
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:: “I love you both and your wedding was one of the most romantic and beautiful ones I have ever seen. Everything was just wonderful, but nothing compares to the moment you got married and took each other as husband and wife. I know everything will go well for you from now on. I love you both. Be very happy”.
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:: “Since you started your relationship I thought you would become husband and wife. Today I witnessed how you gave your love to each other and pledged to love each other eternally. I was never wrong in thinking you had a true love”.
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:: “There are very few men and women like you left in the world. There are fewer people left in the world who are sure about their feelings and who would do anything for the one they love. That is why I loved your wedding. Be very happy”.
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:: “It was worth travelling so far to attend your wedding. Your love for each other is in the air, and just seeing you for a moment was enough to know your love will last forever. Congratulations, your wedding was magnificent”.
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:: “For your wedding day bliss to last forever, you only need to love each other until the end as much as you do now, and your future will be full with happy moments”.
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:: “I want to dedicate a few words for your wedding. Today you will unite before God and all of us who love you both to share your lives forever. When two people love each other very much, then getting married is not an option, it is a longing. I am happy for both of you. Congratulations”.
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We hope these wedding dedications pleased you. Remember: their wedding is the most important day for a couple.

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