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United Kingdom tourism best places to visit in England,vacation in Scotland : 

England is a country with a mystical and historical past. This Nation has been the field of very important facts through the universal history since ancient times. That is the reason why, if you have plan on travelling to this country, you should do it but with British style.

With this essay, we are going to recommend you what places you should visit during your journey on British lands. As always, it is impossible to visit everywhere with so few days, however, we recommend you to enjoy every little minute while you are in this beautiful country. 

If you have the chance to travel to England, you should know something; this country offers you two big chances to do tourism: the easy access to lots of information and roads perfectly built where you can drive without any trouble. It is also worthy to mention that England has the best bus-system over the entire world and the biggest subway.

Actually, this country counts with a big number of systems if we talk about transporting, you can take the subway, which has a very cheap ticket and it is connected with all the cities of the country, also it counts with airports in all of the cities. 

But, where can you go once you landed over England? What place should you go first?

Here we will recommend you some places you cannot lose: 

London: This cosmopolitan city is the capital and economical city of the British territory. Being here you must visit the Tower of London; here happened the famous crime of Enrique VI. You can also visit the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, likewise, many traditional restaurants placed all over the nice city. If you are interested in the night action, then you should visit the nightclubs and pubs. You also should visit the place called “London Eye”, the Abadia of Westminster, the Buckingham Palace (this is where the Royalty lives) and the  Westminster Palace (where the government is located).

Seven Sisters Park: This huge park is located in Sussex. It has an extension over 280 hectares, where you can watch beautiful meadows, valleys and rivers. This park is a National Conservation Area, fro that reason, you can only enter here by walking or riding a bicycle.

Leeds: This city is located in West Yorkshire County. It has a beautiful English Countryside in the middle of modern Buildings and drugs stores. If you are around here then you should visit Victoria Quarters, Brigitte Street, the Millennium Square and the Grand Theatre.

Lake District: This is one of the most visited places by the tourists, it is national park located in the only place with mountains over all England. Here you can visit the Wast Water (this lake is known as the deepest) and the Scafell Pike (this mountain is the highest over the British Territory, it is 978 meters high from the level of the sea).

Derby: This city is considered the heart of England because here are developed many fairs with ancient objects and that kind of things. Also here you will find many museums and a great Cathedral. Likewise, you may visit the beautiful views of Derbyshire and Peak district, because this two are pretty close if are travelling by car.

Coventry: This is one of the quietest cities around England. It is visited because it has the most beautiful countryside over the world, like the countryside called Warwickshire, where you will enjoy a relaxed time with a nice environment full of mid-age furniture. Also the zone of this city is close by to the Avon River and the city, where they say, the famous writer William Shakespeare got born. It is an unconfirmed rumour yet. 

Finally, being on England you feel like you are in a NEW WORLD, where you will spend moment hard to forget. Remember, the best months to go to British Lands are over June and September.

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