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Many people think that the U.S.A is not a good country to go on a tour and spending money on it would be senseless.

However, with this essay we will show you that U.S.A is a country with amazing places to visit and I assure you something, you will not regret the journey to the land of the Uncle Sam.

The U.S.A is well-known country over the world because of its huge buildings and skyscrapers. However, the concern of the American people was offering to the tourists some beautiful places. Next, we will show you a list with the places you should go while you stay in the U.S.A:

1. – New York is the most visited destination by the tourists over the world. This city is considered the Capital city of the World and the most cosmopolitan city ever. Here you can visit the hoods and blocks of the immigrant people like China town or Little Italy.

You also must visit Central Park (place where the most of the American made movies were filmed) the Metropolitan Art Museum or MAM for short, the Modern Art Museum, the amazing Empire State, the Zero Zone the place where occurred the terrorist actions with the World Trade Center “The Twin Towers”, the outstanding Statue of Liberty and the famous theatres of Broadway. Other places you should visit may be: Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, the Time Square, Wall Street and the fascinating Fifth Avenue.

2.  – San Francisco is considered as the city of the freedom over the world, this city                    is known as “City of the Gay Pride” it has very long hills and a nice view of the sea. Do not forget to visit the Latin hood Mission, the bridge Golden Gate, the Alcatraz prison and the bus of the city.

3. – Los Angeles, a city known because of the basketball and the Lakers. This is the city of Hollywood and the places where the movies are developed; here also is the famous Beverly Hills and the luxurious Mansions, also the beautiful Palm Beach, Venice Beach, Melrose and Malibu. Here you must visit the Sunset Strip and the Rodeo Drive.

4. – New Orleans: its principal characteristic is the European style; the rhythm of life in this city is unstable and bohemian. It is well-known because of the jazz music. On this city the people celebrate the Mardi Gras, a carnival on the month of February; there are also other places like the French Hood, the Garden District and the Royal Street, do not forget to visit the stores with ancient objects to buy some souvenirs.

5. – Miami : is another place visited by a great number of tourists because of its warm weather, this city is like a Latin-American place inside the U.S.A. being here you can visit South Beach, the shore of Miami Beach, the nice Ocean Drive and the Maximo Gomez Park, but there is also Calle 8, known as Little Havana where you will find out more about the Latin world the Cuban-American people.

However, these are not the only places you can visit, there are a lot of beautiful places in the U.S.A, and those are:

The Grand Canyon: located in Colorado, one of the deepest around the world. It offers a variety of local flora and fauna.

Las Vegas: this city is located in Nevada, famous because of its casinos, luxurious Hotels and the quickest wedding over the entire world. You cannot leave without visiting the amazing Caesar’s Palace Hotel, the Shark Reef Aquarium and the Vegas Strip.

Yellowstone National Park: actually located inside a Vulcan crater, 1000 km under, it is on Wyoming; here you can watch the geysers and other kind of geothermic accidents of the land.

The Niagara Falls: located in New York, in the zone of the great lakes, these falls are 52 meters high and you can catch here an amazing view.

Philadelphia: in Pennsylvania, it is a city with several museums. Here you may find the famous Rodin Museum and an Art Museum. You also can visit the Constitution’s National Center and the house of the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe.

In conclusion, travelling to the U.S.A is a relaxing, interesting and funny experience. It is impossible to visit all of the places on a few days, that is why, I recommend you to choose what will be the places you would like to visit first and, of course, elaborate a well-planned traveller’s schedule.

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