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Men and women who are married, in love affairs or paired, are always at risk of temptation to maintain relations with someone other than their partner and when this happens, instead of leaving their partner, they opt for simply hiding their new relationship and live a double life in isolated places or in hotel rooms; in other words, they become lovers.

Formerly, given to the conservative nature of our society, having a love relationship that was not formally recognized, for example, by marriage, was synonymous of social rejection, it did not had to be an irregular affair, been lovers (both were married to different people), but it also could be a relationship between people of different races (between a white woman and a black man or between a black woman and a white man), between people of different ages (an old man and a young woman or a young man and an older woman) or between persons of different economic status (a rich man with a poor woman or a poor man with a rich woman).

Secret love seen through history shows us how kings such as Edward VIII of England, tired of hiding his love for a divorced woman as was the North American Wallis Simpson to English society and having to face the government at that time, decided to abdicate its royal throne two years after succeeding his father King George V, because, due to his status of head of the Anglican Church, he was not allowed to marry and once released from his royal function, they got married and now lie buried together in British cemeteries.

Secret love had so much importance than a great writer like William Shakespeare captured its essence through his masterpiece “Romeo and Juliet” in 1597, this play tells the story of two young Italians who sustained a clandestine love affair and that despite the rivalry between their families (the Capuletto and the Montagues) fall in love and when their families want to split them apart, they decide to get married, thinking that the competition between both families will be over; however, due to the persist intentions of separating them, they decide to commit suicide as the maximum act of love.

Secret love has also been the subject of many songs like the one titled “Piel de Ángel” from the Spanish singer Camilo Sesto, where he sings to hidden love relationships, to the feeling of fear that comes out from this kind of relationship by not openly display it, the relationship of minutes, of hours, but not living in which a couple who hides their love fall into. Agree that they are and will always be subjects of many conversations of people who think they are free of temptation and guilt.

In modern times, hidden love’s origin has evolved, since the previous reasons where pretty much because of racial differences, economic status and marital status; nowadays, a series of new reasons have been added to the list, such as one that many consider to call the results of modernity and it is the love between people of the same sex, men or women who rather act “properly” often not only denying their true sexual orientation but also hiding their romantic relationships as if it was a sin. There are also some who accept their homosexuality, feel that they have been “released”, such is the recent case of the famous Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin.
Summing up, hidden love for its illegal status is acquires romantic shades, of pure erotic experiences, because the few opportunities in which the couple meets are for having sex.

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