Last modified 10/09/2023

Everything you should know before buying a notebook :

notebook-tipsNowadays notebooks are on fashion are they are invading our life with many original and eye – catching devices, but before letting appearances guide us, we must analyze some elements that must be taken into consideration before buying the notebook of our dreams.

First of all, we must ask ourselves: what are we going to use our laptop for? When trying to answer this question we can solve the main problem: what type of product do we need, for example: if we require a model with quick Web access, besides from using it to perform some very basic office automation applications and it has to be light and easy – to – use, then the equipment we need is a netbook. This means that the capacities of netbook compared with the ones offered by a traditional notebook are considerably less in means of processor speed and in the hard drive’s memory, which is why if you enjoy watching high – definition movies and reach the best graphic performance for games or using it to make some complex calculations, then a netbook is not the best option for you.

Once our fundamental question has been solves, it is precise to notice the plate and video memory; for all of those who work with common applications such as surfing the Web, editing text (Work, PowerPoint, Excel), sending e – mails and even watching movies with an standard quality, this element of the notebook will not be a great difference, but if you require it for 3 – D or advanced game applications, you will need a much more expensive plate and a video card; for this we should inform ourselves a little bit about the cards that are offered in the market, for now the ones leading it are ATI and Nvidia.

Our notebook’s processor also depends a lot on the usage we give to it. Nowadays is very important to choose the adequate processor between Intel or AMD. On one hand we see a potent processor for applications and processes that require a huge calculation charge and, at the same time, a good result speed; and, on the other hand, we see a processor that consumes less energy but that, at the same time, is not that powerful when performing superior processes; however, it exceeds the other one when having to run very detailed graphics. Among these two brands there is a great range of models, each one of them with very different aspects in everything that involves speed, internal warming and the consumption of energy.

Regarding the size of the screen of our notebook, there is a great variety of sizes. Among the most common and economic prices we can find screens between 14 and 15 inches, but if you were able to pay more for a lighter model, you can choose among the ultra laptops with screens of 13, 12 and even 11 inches; but if your intentions are to use it mainly for entertainment like games or high – definition movies, then it would be recommendable to choose a big screen, such as a 17 inch widescreen, which will improve our screen vision, as well as give us more details, especially if it is in HD.

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