Last modified 10/09/2023

Netbook computers :

netbookNowadays, netbooks are part of the contemporaneous informatics fashion; they have climbed up until turning into one of the most popular elements among young people and adults. Netbooks are low priced computers and, therefore, of smaller dimensions and, apparently, is for this reason that people have become interested in them. The most important computer manufacturing companies have set the bull eye on them, because they represent, approximately, 16 per cent of the sales of portable computers in the whole world, for example, only in Europe they represent around the fourth part of the sales total.

But, which variables must be considered when buying a notebook? It is through that they have a great connectivity facility, a great versatility when carrying them anywhere or having them handily because of its reduced dimensions, without letting aside its low price, especially in this crisis times, which are the elements that position it as a very appealing device for the portable computer market.

First of all, a fundamental aspect of the netbook computers is the performance of its battery and the energy consumption, by been an equipment with great mobility, the duration of its battery is a very important factor; especially, if we go from one place to another in which it is impossible to find a socket to charge our equipment at. Another very important aspect is the amount of USB our netbook counts with, because it does not have a DVD or CD reader, nor a camera; meaning that the amount of peripheral elements we are going to be able to plug into the computer will depend a lot on the amount of USB ports it has. It is also important to know that what mainly characterizes the netbooks is its little size, which is why it has a reduced screen, for this reason it is better to choose a model that does not go above the 10 inches, but not too small either, because when it is too small, it tends to tire the sight.

But now that we know that netbooks are characterized for their portability and Internet connection in anywhere in a very simple, light and easy way to charge, also because of the possibility of connecting it to the Bluetooth and wireless networks. But, as well as it has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages. Among these issues we can find that it has a limited capacity when using it for tasks with multimedia contents, meaning that we will have problems when watching high definition movies, contents of Internet videos, it would not be a good option for gamers either. It also lacks from some setting possibilities and it is not possible to increase its memory; but, by having the USB ports, the limitations can be reduced, depending on the peripheral elements.

In conclusion, we could say that notebooks could not be considered a replacement of their older sisters, the notebooks, due to their high limitations, but they could be seen as a complementary product which can help us solving certain informatics issues, but not all of them.

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