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Thank You for Your Secretary’s Day best wishesOn Secretary’s Day we pay tribute to women who work in offices with a very important function. Secretaries do not only write documents and help managers, but also collaborate so the company stays in order.

Many secretaries will receive presents and greetings from their loved ones on this date. Are you a secretary and want to know how to thank for your gifts?

In the following article we will give you some phrases to thank for the gifts you received on Secretary’s Day. You can send them as SMS to those who gave you a present.

Secretary’s day gifts thank you quotes :

– “Thank you for your present and for valuing my work. Being a secretary is difficult, but I am glad to be working with you.”
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– “I have gladly received this present and appreciate it, because I know it represents how important my work is for you.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts quotes

– “I want to thank you, my friend, for your nice present. It makes me feel proud to be a secretary.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts quotes

– “You are a great friend because you remember not only my birthday, but also all the important dates for me.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts quotes

– “Being a secretary is not easy at all. There are good and bad days, but thanks to your gift I feel today is a special day.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts quotes

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Download best secretary’s day gifts thank you messages :

– “Of all the gifts I got today, yours was the best. It was not the price or the color, but the card which said happy secretary’s day, my love.”
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– “Better than a sunny day, better that the freshness of a beach, better than the winning sensation, is knowing you remember dates that are important to me. Thank you for your present.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts messages

– “Your present is more valuable than an antique. For me it is a signal of how much you appreciate my work and effort. Thank you for your gift.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts messages

– “I never would have thought that, besides having a nice secretary’s day, I would get something so pretty. Thank you very much for your present.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts messages

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Download secretary’s day gifts thank you phrases :

– “Being a secretary is its own prize, but receiving presents is great. Thank you, my friend, for remembering such an important day for me.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts phrases

– “With presents like yours, I feel my work is valued. Thank you for my secretary’s day present.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts phrases

– “This secretary´s day was one of the best for me. Everybody at the office made me happy and their presents surprised me. Thank you very much.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts phrases

– “Words are not enough to thank you for your gift. I love being a secretary, and you remembering me makes me feel well. Your present was amazing.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts phrases

– “I thought I would only get some greetings on this secretary’s day, but I did not. I liked your present very much.”
Category :Thank you secretary day gifts phrases

We hope you liked these thank you for your secretary’s day gifts phrases.

Happy Administrative Professionals day greetings

Sometimes it seems easy to greet someone for a special date but when we want to do it in an original way the difficult part comes because not everyone has that facility of expression and this time we will help you by presenting some examples to share a nice greeting on the Secretary’s Day.

In this website you will find the best phrases to dedicate in your work to that professional with whom you share daily most of your time and because of Secretary’s Day, it will be a nice gesture on your part to surprise her with a well-deserved greeting.

Next we have for you the best selection of texts to dedicate to the Secretary in her day and we hope they would be of your complete pleasure.

find administrative professionals day quotes
Administrative professionals day greeting cards

:: “Congratulations for your day, this tribute is just a detail for what a great professional like you deserves“.

:: “You have an incredible capacity to attend to several issues at the same time, you are fast and very effective. Happy Secretary’s Day“.

:: “We admire the dedication with which you carry out your work and we are always happy with the results. Happy Secretary’s Day “.

:: “You are fully identified with the work objectives of this organization, thank you for your impeccable work. Happy Secretary’s Day “.

:: “I wish you a Happy Secretary’s Day, I hope you consider this company as your second home”.

Tips for writing Administrative Professionals day wishes

:: “You always inspired me with full confidence, I am very fortunate to have such a competent secretary. Happy Day”.

:: “I love the initiative you have for the work, you are the memory of this company. Happy Secretary’s Day “.

:: “You speed up the workload that I have, you make my life easier by organizing my agenda. Happy Day, dear Secretary. “

:: “The success of my work is due to the fact that I have a secretary as efficient as you. Happy Day”.

:: “Without doubt we are very grateful for your work, thanks to your efficiency we have obtained many achievements. Happy Day, dear Secretary. “

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Happy Administrative Professional’s Day best wordings

:: “I wish you a Happy Secretary’s Day, I hope you feel comfortable in the work environment where you perform your duties on a daily basis”.

:: “You are gentle, kind, friendly and diligently you fulfill your functions. I wish you a Happy Secretary’s Day. “

:: “Thank you, dear secretary, I hope we have a long working and friendship relationship. Congratulations on your day”.

:: “You are a very dear secretary in this company, I appreciate the professionalism with which you interact. Congratulations on your day”.

:: “We applaud your work, you are very correct and a great professional. Happy Secretary’s Day “.

Administrative professionals day quotes

:: “The years of work we share together are the best. I congratulate you on your day and thank you for being our secretary. “

:: “You have always shown us availability, efficiency, friendliness and undoubted professionalism. Happy Administrative professionals day“.

:: “Dear secretary, receive from your co-workers, our sincere congratulations for your day,Happy Administrative professionals day“.

:: “Thank you for the excellent work you do for this company. Happy Administrative professionals day “.

:: “With you we share, laughs, talks, anecdotes but above all your great professionalism. Happy Administrative professionals day “.

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Download best Administrative professionals day sayings

:: “I thank you on behalf of the Management for the work you do and renew my congratulations and best wishes on your day.”

:: “Thanks to your work, intelligence and good judgment you have saved us from many problems. We wish you a Happy Secretary’s Day. “

:: “The functions you perform in this company can only be in the hands of someone as smart and professional as you. Happy Secretary’s Day “.

:: “This day is very opportune because we can take advantage of it to congratulate you and thank you in front of all your colleagues for being a great secretary”.

:: “Thank you because we can count on you when the work is excessive. Happy Secretary’s Day “.

Best happy Administrative professional Day greetings

:: “We know that we count on you because you are always available for unforeseen events. Happy Secretary’s Day “.

:: “On this day receive our love and feelings of esteem, admiration for the good work you do in this company. Happy Secretary’s Day “.

With some of these beautiful dedications, greet a good secretary in her day. See you soon.

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