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Top online scanners – free antivirus software :

The online antivirus is a good product and the most prestigious companies are distributing them on the internet freely. These products are at the disposal of the user so they can protect their computers. With this online antivirus, any person can examine its documents and files, so that way the people can keep their computers away from any menace like viruses or another kind of pirate program.


This antivirus just analyzes the computer and the root of the system so it can find any kind of virus like Trojans, worms, key loggers, spywares, and bugs between others. After the scanning process, the user can check the total register of the found viruses which have been infected the computer. It is also important to mention that this kind of antivirus cannot eliminate the virus placed on your computer.

This antivirus can be used by any computer, of course it has to be connected to internet first, and it is an indispensable requirement to have the program ActiveX installed on your system, which will help the online antivirus to perform an efficient job on your computer. It is very probable that there will be more than one requirement to use this kind of antivirus, it all depends on what kind of antivirus we are about to use to.

This antivirus is actually a good option as a complement for the already installed antivirus on our computer, because there will always be the risk of being infected by a virus and our regular antivirus did not even detect it on real time.

The great part of the online antivirus is tried out by the internet explorer or the Mozilla Firefox; although the last one has still some disadvantages if you are looking for a good scanning proves to find any virus on you r system. It is recommendable not to use more than one antivirus at the same time, because this can cause instability in the system and the internet connection will decrease considerably. It is also necessary to not have any open program on the screen, even more if these are those programs which use a lot of system’s resources like the file downloading by FTP.

Next we will make mention of some of the best online antivirus, which depending on each case, they must be downloaded with some other file so the scanning process will be even more efficient than ever.

The AVAST online protection antivirus is a really light program because its weight is just 512 KB. It recognizes all kind of viruses thanks to the repeated actualization performed by the server, there is only one disadvantage, it analyzes the central disk but it does not check the initiation system. However it is a really good antivirus and an absolutely great complement for the computer. For more information you just have to click on the next link

BIT Defender online is an antivirus which possess a great information about the most sophisticated and newest viruses. If the computer is already infected by any Trojan, worm or key logger; it will detect them instantaneously. This online antivirus analyzes each part of the central disk. You will find the most detailed information in the following link

Finally we can find the ESET online NOD32, which is very recognized because it is commonly used by the regular computer as a real time antivirus. It is capable to detect malwares, Trojans and worms. It is really easy to install because it has just a few principal requirements and its great advantage is that it can analyze the system file and the starting of it too. To use it you just have to visit the following link

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