Last modified 10/05/2023

how to get rid of a computer wormHow can I eliminate correctly a computer worm ? :

Actually these days, there are is a big number of bad codes and programs which can affect the performance of our PC, one of this menaces is the computer worm or simply called worm, it can be found commonly on the internet thanks to its really little size.

The damage caused by this malware can affect seriously the network and the system of the computer, for that reason a complete cleaning process must be done immediately after you detected it so that way this menace will be eradicated from your computer successfully, otherwise, if the cleaning process is cancelled or simply it was not activated, the network server and the web pages can collapse automatically.

In conclusion, the computer worm is a little program which can cause a great damage to our system and to the data base in the transmission network. It has the capacity to multiplying itself so that way it will be stronger to face off the cleaning process of the system or against the antivirus. For that reason this kind of malware is considerate as a true bad code.

Initially, these kinds of worms did not even affect your operational system a little; because its first job was to multiply itself so later in can attack the data of the network. Such damages can affect the works administrator by consuming a great amount of resources, or maybe it could modify the virtual memory so that way the programs execution process will be slower than normal and the operational system change to the stand by status. On the internet, its propagation is even faster, because it can cause an unexpected overload and a lower transmission data speed.

Like it was mentioned before, this kind of worm causes damage like an overload in the network and the system, it can even stop the network traffic due its excessive abuse of resources consumed by the system, as consequence the user can suffer the loss of many important documents and files.

These worms use the e-mail, programs of the kind P2P, IRC or even SMTP to get propagated. Once they got installed on the system, they send themselves automatically to every contact of the victim, disguising as important messages with linked documents to download. It is very common to find them on the chats of instantaneous messaging like Yahoo and Hotmail.

Developing a cleaning process of the system, to eliminate completely this computer worm and any remain of it, is really simple if you count with the right program. The AVG ( is a program distributed freely and it is very efficient to develop the cleani9ng process of a system partially or completely. There is also the Antivir (, which is capable to eliminate any kind of worm and it offers a great number of cleaning tools just like the Avast (, this one is other program which can develop the same work of heuristic process completely free. Besides all of the antivirus programs mentioned before, there is the program Coolwebsearch ( it battles exclusively the super strong worms and the suspicious advertising windows.

Finally, it is recommendable to avoid opening suspicious websites or downloading packages of documents in files like .rar or .zip. Besides you must be careful with the documents and messages received by e-mail or through the chat with the suspicious messages.

The portable memories like the USB are also victims of this worm, for that reason, it is important to always try to avoid inserting them on an infected computer. If happens that you use programs of the kind P2P to download files, you should put a limit to this activity by activating the firewall in the route start, control board and security system. Next we will make mention of some of the most particular document which can be infected by this kind of worm: ACE, ACV, ACM, ARJ, ASD, ASP, AX, AVB, and BIN, BAT or 386.

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