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The wedding anniversaries are events celebrated by the couples when they reach a certain amount of years since they got married. Celebrating a wedding anniversary means that the couple will remember all the good moments spent in the time living together and the fact that they built a beautiful family with they love the most.

Each anniversary belongs to the time living together as a couple, for that reason, the date of the anniversary must be exactly the same as the wedding ceremony and party and no other day.

On the day of the wedding anniversary, the husband and the wife use to exchange some presents between each other, or even sometimes the husband offers a religious ceremony to renew their faith in the marriage. According with the tradition, the wedding anniversaries are related with certain objects. The level of the strength of these objects depends on the time of the couple living together and how solid the relationship is. For example, the first wedding anniversary is also known as “the paper wedding” and the couple exchange some objects made of paper between each other, the fifth anniversary is known as “the wood wedding” and the 50th anniversary is known by everybody as “the unforgettable golden wedding”.

On the day of the wedding anniversary do not forget, besides some nice detail, about telling to your husband or wife that your love hasn’t decrease a bit. In the following sentences, we will show you some messages full of love that you can use in your wedding anniversary:

Greetings for the wedding anniversary from the husband to the wife:

–   Today we add one more year to our marriage, I never thought about the day when we would reach our 25th anniversary together. I think it is amazing that this day finally has arrived and the only thing I want to tell you is I love you the same way just like the moment I saw you in front of the altar at the church. Happy 25th anniversary. Your beloved husband.

–   A long time ago, when we were young, many beautiful women were interested about me and they know about my intentions with them.  But when I thought about the fact of loosing you because of a night of pleasure, I decided to forget about everything that can hurt you. Today we reached our 50th anniversary together and I realize about all the things that I left behind for you, but I have no regrets because every moment spent with you made me the happiest man in the whole world, and to be honest, little by little I came to the conclusion that you are the love of life. Happy anniversary my love.

–   When we reached our 5th anniversary of marriage I started to feel certain doubts about if I really love you or not. I realized that the clock was ticking and ticking and I couldn’t write you a beautiful poem or even compose you a love song like I used to when we were young. But something deep inside was telling me that I had a strong feeling for you.

Some years after, when we reached our 10th anniversary I felt really happy because I woke up in bed and you were there next to me, at that moment I knew that my love for you was still alive. The details and the romanticism went away so we could deal with the reality, sad and happy moment, successes or failures etc, the poetry and the love songs became into beautiful feelings like the respect and our dreams as a couple.

I always loved you and I think I will do it forever. Today we celebrate our 30th anniversary of marriage and there is no doubt about it, you are the best friend, wife and mother ever. Thanks for all these great years and for giving me your love. Happy anniversary.

–   I know we had many discussions during this last year and I know I am not the best husband in the whole world. All of this is new for us and every day we discover something we did not know about each other. I am glad we are still together with our new life, being honest and forgetting about our past discussions.

This is our first time celebrating our wedding anniversary and I sure there will be many more of these. Thanks for all the love you gave me, thanks for made of me a better man. Happy anniversary my love. Your beloved husband.

Greetings for the wedding anniversary from the wife to the Husband:

–   Before getting married I was wondering if I was doing the right thing, if you were the right man for me. Although some people told me that I was totally wrong, my heart always told me that you are the perfect man for me and that you were the chosen one to build a family with.

Today when we are celebrating our 50th anniversary and being alone just like the moment when we got married, I am absolutely sure that I made the right decision, I am sure of it. I love you. Happy anniversary.

–   Today we celebrate one more year living together as a happy couple and even with the years my love for you hasn’t change a bit, because during all this time you have showed me how important I am in your life. Thanks for all your love, thanks for this family, thanks for giving me these beautiful kids today they are professionals. Happy anniversary wedding.

–   We fell in love with each other 60 years ago, do you remember that day my love? We were so young and we were so different one from the other. However, when we had to solve any problem we know that the only way to do it will be working together as a couple. Each time we celebrated a wedding anniversary we realized that we were happier than the past year and then we said “the love is…” well, actually we used to say anything from the bottom of our hearts.

Today I will tell you “the love means to care about each other forever and ever” that is what may heart says this time. Happy 60th anniversary my love.

–   I was afraid of losing you some day; from the bottom of my heart I knew that your love for me was as big as the ocean. Day by day you taught me to love you no matter what. Since the moment I met you I knew immediately that there will not be anybody like you to love me the way you do and I will not love any other man but you. Today we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and I am glad because I realized that my love and my respect for you hasn’t change and now I am sure they will not change never. Our love will endure in our memory forever. Happy anniversary my love.

From the father to his daughter and her husband:

–   I remember some memories when you were a little girl and I take you wherever you wanted to go on my shoulders. Then, when you were a teenager, you used to hold me really tight saying that you will never get married because you did not want to leave me alone. Today you are celebrating 10 years since you got married, with three adorable kids and a husband who loves and respects you, I really feel happy for you. Happy wedding anniversary and I hope you have many more of these celebrations.

In conclusion, celebrating a wedding anniversary means the celebration of the time sharing all the love, the troubles, the good and bad moments etc. today when a couple have a problem, even if it is a simple one, they automatically say the word “divorce”. For that reason, when a couple lived many years together sharing their whole life, that kind of event deserves a good celebration.

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