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What are Job Markets and where can they is found ? :job-marketLooking for a job has become much easier, because to the traditional ways of publishing job offers, have added up a new one, which are the online job markets. In some cases, this method has, inclusively, allow the discover of a series of services that are related to recruiting and selecting staff, as well as the development of professional careers, which, in some cases, are for free.


Before the appearance of the web, many online sites appeared which, in a free and charge less way, allowed anyone who was interested in recruiting staff, to put their ads in way in which they could be seen by anyone who was interested and presenting their curriculum vitae in the addresses shown.

The evolution of the online job markets has become a way of avoiding the excessive paper work, because. Now, the user only has to register in the corresponding web site, putting the most important data of his or her work experience and academic formation, which are then compared with the basic characteristics of the jobs offered by the companies and selecting the ones that matched the profiles of the presented applier and, in that way, the applier was able to choose the position he or she was most interested in.

Today, the online work markets have evolved so much, that they have transformed themselves into recruiting and staff selection companies through the Internet, meaning that they provide their services of staff selection to thousands of little, medium and big companies, counting with real specialists in human resources.

In Latin America, there are many online job markets, some of them are even circumscribed to their own countries of origin; others act in the Latin American field with national sections, for which we will proceed to mention some of them which we think are important and serious enough to be mentioned in this article.

The company Inversiones Empléate C.A., which has its headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, manages the online site:, where you will find job offers for Venezuela, , Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, United States of America, Panamá, México, Peru and Puerto Rico. The people and companies can register for free offering job positions and registering their applier information. The search for workers is done through areas and through the career, which allows any company to do their own search, taking into consideration the profile they required profile for the job position they are offering. It is used by more than a million users. was an Internet company created in Chile, in the year 1999. The importance of this job market lies in the fact that it belongs to the diary El Mercurio and the Santander group, which has allowed its expansion in the Latin America territory and in some countries of Europe. The job market is directed to companies who register job offers and to candidates for appliers who register their curriculum vitae. It counts with more than 3 800 000 users. The most outstanding part of it is that the company that offers their job ads is doing it online with markets associated to colleges and universities, as well as to government organisms or communication media. It also gives its services of online recruiting and organizes work markets among other activities related to human resources. It is found in Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Uruguay. It has options to publish job offer ads for free and, also, paying for them. is an online work market that allows, like the other ones, that any person who wants to enter his or her curriculum through a system that includes curriculums and that he or she can also receive the job offers in his or her e – mail address through the service of sending offers via e – mail. The publication of job offers is free, because the only thing that the company has to do is register and from there, it published their requirements and needs for employees. This online site has national sections, which correspond to countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, República Dominicana, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In Spain, the main doorway of employments is, and it published 96 191 job position offers corresponding to 12 708 companies. The free option of services only lasts for fifteen days after the applier’s inscription and from there he or she must acquire visibility packages for a period of 2 months at the price of 9.90 Euros, which will allow the improvement of his or her curriculum vitae through one of the services provided by InfoJobs.

Summing up, the chances of getting a job in these times have considerably increased, due to the existence of online job markets, to which companies can people from all over the world can access, the only requirement is having a computer, Internet connection, a curriculum in the case of been an applier and a job offer in the case of a company.

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