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Benefits and responsibilities of Canadian resident :

Legal immigrant residents in Canada have access to a series of benefits that even reach onto their children. In this article, we will talk about those important benefits, but before that we must say that Canada is a multicultural country, where respect and equality among all its residents (citizens and immigrants) prevail.

Regarding benefits for Latin residents in Canada, we must first mention that all immigrant settled in this country has access to the same rights or social benefits as any Canadian citizen, like living, studying and working anywhere in Canadian territory. They can also access health insurance, social security and school and university scholarships.

Education in Canada is free, because it is paid with taxes, and it is a high level education. Canadian laws say that every child and teenager has a right to a totally free education.
As for health, we must highlight that Canada has a system especially designed to provide health services to all its inhabitants. Thus, all permanent residents can access a health insurance.

Another important benefit Canada has to offer Latin residents is Canadian nationality. The only requirement for immigrant residents is having lived in Canadian territory for 36 out of the last 48 months. This means residents could have been absent for a year and still could get the Canadian citizenship.

Latin residents with children born in Canada must know that the latter will automatically get the Canadian citizenship and a Canadian passport, and they will not need a permanent resident card.

Also, Latin residents in Canada are protected by the country’s laws and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. Another benefit is that all residents have safety, because this country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Now then, no immigrant resident in Canadian territory has a fixed resident status. There is a maximum time period they can be absent from the country. To keep their permanent resident status it is essential that they live in Canada at least two out of a total of five years, that is 730 out of 1825 days.

Finally, we must mention that, like any Canadian citizen, Latin residents have the duty to pay taxes and to abide by the federal, provincial and municipal laws. But, no resident in Canada has right to vote or to hold a political office.

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