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how to start a conversation with a girl on the internetHow to start a conversation with a girl :

Starting a conversation is typical for most people, but sometimes it is not so easy, especially with the opposite sex.

Beginning a talk with a girl requires knowing at least what she is interested in hearing. In this article you will learn how to break the ice and start a conversation with a girl easily.

Simple questions:
You can start a conversation with a question that is easy to answer. Imagine for a moment you are in your building’s elevator with your neighbor. You have always wanted to meet her, but you do not know how to start. An idea for this situation is to ask her something like “You live in apartment …, right?” Or if at lunchtime you are with the girl at your university, you could say, “Nice day, don’t you think?”.

This kind of questions can generally start a conversation and continue it, depending on what you want to ask or say from there on. You can continue with other simple questions such as “What is your name’” or “Do you come here often?” Remember to ask them casually and pleasingly.

Time for tuning:
If you want to start a conversation with a girl, it is very important that you mind your voice. If you decided to begin a talk, then speak clearly and show an attitude. Speak quietly, always use the same voice strength and avoid using slang: although it is popular among boys, girls would rather talk to someone who has manners.

It’s all in the eyes:
Every time you start a talk with a girl, remember the key is in the eyes. Girls like boys who are honest and willing to express themselves. At the start of the conversation, you must look at her eyes.

Do not stare. Look at her for a few seconds, smile and start talking. Do not stare at her or at any part of her body during the conversation, she could have the wrong impression. Look at her face, specifically at her eyes.

The new era:
If you are used to social networks, this might the right choice for you. You can start a conversation with a girl in a social network’s chat. An advantage of the virtual alternative is that you can talk to several girls from different places at the same time.

But if you want to start a conversation with a coworker, look for her email address in the company’s directory and add it to your contact list. When she is online, you may start a conversation with her, and probably talk about work or related topics.

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