Beautiful Valentine’s Day Phrases

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Surprise and love your boyfriend or girlfriend in this Valentine’s Day. February the 14th is a very special date for couples all over the world. Valentine’s Day or also known as the day of love is a date when all couples celebrate being together because of love.

Thousands of couples do things they like in Valentine’s Day. Most of couples go to a special place and exchange presents to please to each other in this day. Would you like to give something meaningful to your fiancé in this Valentine’s Day?

If so, this is what you’re looking for. Here is a list of Valentine’s Day messages. Send these messages to the one you love as SMS or post them on her/his facebook wall and say “happy Valentine’s Day”.

Free list of Valentine’s Day Messages:

– “I’d like Valentine’s day last forever because I’d like to walk with you holding our hands every day, I’d like to kiss you in the same park, looking at the same stars and talking about how wonderful are our lives together”
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– “I have many things to say and many things to give you but I just want to give you something today, my heart”
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– “I like Valentine’s Day but it’s not very important for me because I love you 24/7 and I know this love is forever”
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– “I want this day to be memorable for both, I want to kiss you and I want you to kiss me, I want to feel your skin and tell you love words, I want our love to touch the sky and land in our hearts”
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– “The only one who exists today is you, my world is you because nobody else can make me happy as you do, happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart”
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– “You know you make me feel alive, you know my love for you has no end, you’re the girl of my life and I’ll show you that all this words come from my soul, I love you”
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– “24 hours is not enough time, when I’m with you days pass as water between my fingers, you’re the reason of my happiness; you’re a dream that turned in real, happy Valentines’ Day my love”
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– “This Valentine’s Day my love for you will defeat my fears, I’ll go to your home, I’ll knock your door and I say your name and I’ll yell I’m falling in love with you because I know you love me too”
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– “All I want today is walking with you near the shore, look at the ocean and tell you that our love is bigger than what our eyes are seeing, happy Valentine’s Day”
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– “Today is Valentine’s Day and I just want you to know that my feelings for you are true, I love you honey”
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We hope these Valentine’s Day messages have the right words to say “I love you”. This is a special occasion for both and you’ll enjoy it if you’re together.

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