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Whatever happens, whoever loses, love exists and it is real, and will live surrounded by it until the day we stop breathing. Love can be seen in all aspects of our lives, from the tenderness of a mother, the effort of a father, the love of a grandfather, the support of a friend, the generosity of a child or the passion of a couple.
If you are in love, then you will probably feel much identified with the messages we offer you today, because they are loaded with many beautiful emotions that you will want to share with your partner for her to know how much you love her and everything she means to you. Do not wait for a special date, it does not have to be an anniversary or a birthday, every day is great for you to express your love for her. Check the examples below and go for it.
Free examples of love texts:
:: “A real man is the one who respects the woman he loves and puts her above the rest, he is the one who does not fall into the temptation of a night, because he prefers his wife every day, he is the one that makes her happy , who cares about her and understands her. You are the woman for me, the most special one and the most beautiful one, the one who I will be faithful to for the rest of my days. I adore you, my queen”.
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:: “Honey, I know our marriage will last throughout the years because it is eternal, infinite and will last even after our death, because in the next life I know we will be together. What we feel is wonderful, I can see it every day since I get up with a smile and I see we slept together holding hands, probably talking about how our day went. I hope you time is enough to give you all the love you have for you”.
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:: “When I wake up I can see that, irrevocably, we are now only one. No one is as lucky as me, because being with you is better than winning all the lotteries in the world. Every day I thank the Lord for this divine union between us, I know that nothing and no one would ever break our bond. As long as there is love, everything else will follow and come on its own”.
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:: “I will concentrate a lot and give my best, and with that I plan to thank the Lord for all the joy that he has given me in this life, starting with you, my love. I love you very much, you may never get to have an idea of how much”.
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:: “If at any point you start feeling gloomy or desolate, or perhaps very happy and cheerful, whatever the case, I want you to know that every time I will be there with you to mourn your sorrows and celebrate your accomplishments, because that is living together and loving one another. I am going to love you for my whole life”.
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:: “Baby, I want you to know the following: a love greater than ours will never exist, because it is not only strong and wonderful, but it also means respect, good communication, patience and eternal love. I love you like this, just as you are, with every little thing, every detail, every nuance that I love and I am fascinated by, because in your perfection and imperfection, you are unique and you cannot be compared with anyone”.
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:: “Crossing looks is all it takes for all the darkness to go away and that light reigns in my life. I cannot imagine myself as happy with anyone other than you, because there is no one like you on the face of the earth on which we live. Let us push away all the pain and suffering, live happy and content, as we should always be, I know it is possible with you because I love you so much”.
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Prove to that cute girl how you feel about her, do not take too long, remember that if she is worth it, then more than one will be behind her and you will not want to stay alone. For every woman it is very nice to receive a compliment, a message of love, make it a habit for you, good luck.
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