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Nowadays the world in where we live has a lot of problems and difficulties that many times make us feel depress and lose the encouragement, what we never must do is give up, any test with a dose of faith can be defeated, and especially if we have much love in our life.

We must have in mind that God accompanies us in every moment and at his side all the things that we want to do will be well. Next we will give you a list of Christian phrases to give joy and heat to your life thinking about always in the creator. Check all the phrases and choose what you like the most. Don’t forget that the simple words and the praying are well received of other persons.

Free list of nice Christian messages:

– “Forget all the worries, God will help you. Don’t remember the difficulties that you have, the world is variable and in any moment when you less expect God will give you many things that you could appreciate.”
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– “God wishes that you be smiling in every moment, He is a lovely celestial father full of mercy, he just want us to obey his commandments during our life for watch us from everything.”
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– “God doesn’t care much about the material things that you may have, he cares about the enormous heart that you posses in your soul.”
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– “If the world tries you in a different way, don’t feel disappointed, because maybe are test that God gives you to improve as a person. You must have much faith to defeat it.”
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– “God gives valor to face the life and keep moving forward in our day by day.”
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– “Let Jesus to enter in your life, to understand that he never leaves you. He protects you in every instant of your life.”
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– “Life doesn’t have to be a nuisance, because God doesn’t want this for you. He has made you to have joy, discard something in your life that doesn’t let you being happy, because you have the rights to be part of the happiness.”
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– “Jesuschrist is the son of God; he taught that if we have faith we can move mountains. Don’t feel disappointed because the problems only last a moment, then all be well.”
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– “Remember that you are a son of God, you have the right to receive blessings, but for this you have to keep Jesus in your heart first, are you agree to do that?”
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– “In the moment when you decide to save you soul for letting God blesses you plenty, he desires that you live at his side eternally, follow your commandments and you will know the wonderful mysteries that he has reserved only for you.”
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– “When you think that God is not already in your life, is because you are solving the problem alone, trust in God and wait because he will help you soon to find the solution.”
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You already know, in this web page we can give you several types of phrases for different occasions. There are wonderful Christian messages that will help you to trust in God and know that in the life all is possible, find solutions with God to be happy.

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