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Beautiful birthday texts to send to your children, download the best birthday phrases for your childrenDownload free birthday texts for our children

Presence the birth of my children has been the greatest satisfaction I have had. No words on earth achieve to tell the great feeling I felt as a parent for bringing to life a little child. It is a unique feeling that only a parent can experience.

Raising your firstborn will not be an easy road, but with determination and perseverance every parent will overcome any obstacle, protecting him from harm unconditionally. There is nothing in this universe that can take precedence before a child, your kid will be always be the first on the list and you will want to do everything possible to fill his life.

But we must not forget the most special day of his life, His birthday! In this special date, all his wishes will come true. He will receive everything he ever wanted, dozens of presents, a big celebration, candy, a great cake, even a magic show. It would be a crime to deny that joy to your little one.

It may be that your child birthday is either today or in the coming days, keep calm. We are aware that raising him was not easy, it is for this reason that here you will find beautiful dedications and words to honor the cocky one at house in his day.

Free examples of birthday phrases to share with your children:

:: “Each day that passes I feel more proud of you, I do not doubt of your choices because I have certainty that you always will choose whichever is more convenient in your life. In this special date I just want to thank you for filling my days with happiness when I see you grow and now knowing you are the kind of person you have become, could not be more proud of you. Best wishes, my kid”.
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:: “My little girl, I can’t describe the happiness I feel for you. On this special day, I will not let anything go wrong. Did you like the gift I leave you on your room? You were sleeping like a princess, so I did not want to get you up. My queen, have an amazing birthday, I send you many successes. We love you so much and can’t even imagine how happy makes us to see the girl you are. Congratulations beloved daughter! ”
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:: “It is hard to believe that your father still has lessons to give you. I realize that times have changed and I am not young as before, but I have more knowledge. Be ready to receive your gift, I hope you have a driver’s license. Indeed, my threats were in vain, as I bought it anyway. Search your present in the garage as soon as you get up. Take advantage as much as you can, son. Have a happy birthday! ”
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:: “You are admirable; you have always been a leader in front of others. I want to thank you my boy, you have always walk on the right path with the values we have taught you. Today is your birthday, and we send you the best wishes. Many blessings and all the saints always guide your way. Happy Birthday, my son”.
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:: “Son of my life, our love is unconditional, thanks for bringing happiness to our lives and remember I will always do my best to see you with that great smile from you. Congratulations on your day, life will continue smiling at you and will be blessed by the grace of God”.
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There is no excuse in the world to forget the birthday of our children; they are the strength in our lives and our reason for living. Both parents and children need to feel loved, so never stop loving and under no circumstances hesitate to get them some beautiful words on the day of his birthday. We will be back shortly with more beautiful birthday phrases.

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