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American states with the best jobs for professional residents :

These days, the United States is the country with the highest economic and industrial development, and so it is the main world power. Even though a couple of years ago it faced a financial crisis which caused massive layoffs and protests, it has maintained a stable economy.

According to a 2010 research, the United States is regaining its position as the country with the highest labor needs in the world. In this article you will know which American states have the best jobs for professional residents.

California is one of the states with the best jobs for professional residents. Located on the west coast of North America, this is the state with the highest job diversity and demand. Even though it has a wide variety of jobs, the most sought ones are in health. These professionals are so wanted that demand cannot be filled with local workers.

Health specialists such as doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, dental technicians, laboratory technicians, geriatricians and other are highly needed and very well paid. Construction is another sector with the best jobs for residents in this state.

Wages for professionals in this field are higher than in other sectors such as education or health. In this respect, it must be noted that most sought professionals are technicians and operators like installation technicians and heavy machinery operators.

Texas is another state with good jobs for professional residents. Thanks to oil exploitation early last century, Texas is among the states with the highest economic power. Professionals like engineers, architects, system analysts and others are very well paid by companies located in this state.

Its constant interest in technology and medicine has made demand for professionals in those fields increase daily. For example, Houston has the best clinics and medical surgeons in the world. This prestige makes the number of its users increase constantly, so professionals in those fields are very required and very well paid.

The state of New York is among those which offer the best job opportunities for professional residents. Known worldwide as the big apple, New York is the biggest financial, commercial and industrial centre in the United States.

High demand from those fields makes it one of the best states for professional residents who decide to work in this state. Press is one of this state’s main activities, therefore communications professionals, such as journalists, reporters, photographers, cameramen and other technicians get good job opportunities. Fashion industry and everything related to is also needs professionals very much.

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