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United States Immigration: Green Card, Visas and U.S. Citizenship:

immigration-to-usaImmigrating to the United States of America legally means: employment, receiving services from the Government, access to benefits and paying taxes.

Visa, Immigrant Visa, Immigrant Visa, Social Security Number, Immigrating.

The American dream has always been a constant to thousands of immigrants who go to the United States, a nation that from its origins has suffered successive massive waves of voluntary (Europeans and Americans) or forced (Asian and African) immigrants.

Despite the strong anti migratory policy developed by the American Government, the immigrants that could not obtain the authorization to access to North American territory, meaning, the VISA, have decided to become illegal immigrants, situation that has aggravate since the events of September 11th of 2001. For which we recommend that, before the possibility to enter illegally, been caught not only means deportations, but also prison for breaking the anti migratory laws.

There are several ways of migrating to the United States of America: the Visa Waiver Pilot Program Extension, Diversity Visa Lottery, Non – immigrant visa and Immigrant visa. Choosing one of them, basically, depends on which are our goals.

Whichever the requested visa might be, the potential immigrants are coming into the United States of America to study, to work or as tourists, been the search of a job the most important one. But it is not good enough having a visa, because, many times, consular employees who are located in the entrance points of the United States, reject the immigrants, which is a final decision, because the immigration laws all it to be.

The objective of the immigration laws is to make simpler the access to those immigrants who are coming in the search to improve their economic situation through a job offer presented by an American company, which has had to, previously, registered it in the Department of Employment and the Immigration Service, been this the right way of entering into American territory to work.

The same is happening with those who are coming to study, been mandatory to fully dedicate to study, because the migratory laws forbid students to work, unless there is something extraordinary going on in their countries of origin, which does not allow them to support themselves economically, or that the student joins a college that offers cooperative education (CO – OP) that does allow them to work outside from the university campus.

But the immigrant that comes into the United States must know that there is no turning back if he or she wants to reach the so – called “American dream”, that he or she must look to integrate to the community in his or her place of residence, and in order to accomplish that, the command of the English language will be needed, because its acknowledgement will allow the access to better paid jobs, which will also have more benefits.

Every legal immigrant who has a job, must process his or her social security number, which will allow him or her to get benefits and services provided by the government, which, at the same time, will be useful for the government to get to know the income the immigrant is receiving.

But every immigrant must know that as he or she has rights to get benefits, he or she has the obligation of paying taxes, which, at the same time, will allow him or her to access to efficient public services and unemployment insurances, among others.

Summing up, the best way of migrating to the United States of America, is the legal one; and to do this, the immigrant must be focused on his or her target, in order to be able to choose the type of visa for which he or she has the minimum requirements that the Immigration Service demands. 

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