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The word “interpersonal” literally means “between people”. That means that interpersonal skills are skills that allow you have to socialize with the people around you, to understand, to relate to them.
Before taking those skills into account were not much into consideration when hiring a professional but is now a requirement to have these skills because it means that the person has both intellectual and emotional intelligence.
Such skills are very useful when working with groups of people or managing people toward a goal. A good leader must know how to get your workgroup, as motivate them, understand them and make them feel good to achieve the goal imposed by the company. To achieve this it is essential to have interpersonal skills.
It is therefore important that you indicate on your resume if you have this kind of skills apart from your studies or experience you may have.
Somehow or another, everyone has these skills but do not know how to recognize. You only need to examine what your strengths are with respect to relationships with other people and so find interpersonal skills which you then present to possess.
Empathy is one of the most important skills that exist because it allows you to understand the other’s point of view, how you feel, put yourself in another’s shoes and understand. Empathy helps you recognize if the other person is going through a difficult time and allows you to help. If you do not have empathy, disregard it the way you feel from others and focus on yourself forgetting the feelings of others.
Cooperation: In a work environment, cooperation is important because it is the key to productivity. As a company tasks are distributed among each and everyone must do their part to get the company has set the goal; cooperation is essential for everyone working as a team and together achieve the goal. That’s why it is important to know to properly cooperate to develop your part of the job.
Communication: The ability to clearly communicate your ideas, your opinions is essential within a company. But it is not only important to communicate your opinions but so is listening to the opinions of others, respect them and not attack if they are different from yours.
This ability also means knowing how to be open, honest and direct when communicating our ideas, we get to know the other person and make him understand our point of view.
Respect: respect is necessary not only in the professional field, it is also on staff. Be a respectful person means respecting the boundaries of others, respect the rules of the company, respect the opinions of others and their differences. This skill is very important in any business because all bosses seek employees who know and follow the rules to avoid problems and disharmony.
We hope we have clarified what are the interpersonal skills that are so important in your personal life and your work life. If you have some or all of these skills you will be a valuable employee for any company.
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