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Immigration to Québec,The advantages of choosing Québec:
If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, the province of Quebec represents the most accessible door. While the required language is French, this should not be an impediment to imagine your future in this province.  
Quebec is the largest French – speaking province of Canada (80% of its population speaks French as their everyday language.).

It has an area three times larger than France. And every year they open the doors to more than 45 000 immigrants, who managed to approve the Quebec’s selection process, which is very different from the one managed by the Canadian federal government.

Immigration in this province of Canada is accepted due to the reduction of birth rate (average of 1.2 children per family). This decline has caused a disparity between the youth population and elderly population. Its land area of 1 700 000 square kilometers and its low population density, has been a very important reason for implanting the immigration program as public policy of Québec. In this way, they are trying to populate this vast land responsibly and keep their economic growth rates, as well as renewing their workforce.  
The province of Quebec is very attractive to immigrants and not just for the scenery and cultural gala in Montreal, or national parks, and the St. Lawrence River. This Canadian province is very attractive because it has designed programs more accessible to all interested in living in Canada.  
It should be noted that the requirements are rigid. Applicants must: demonstrate proficiency in French, possess a university or higher technical profession, work experience in the field of study, and especially financial solvency to be maintained during the first three months of stay.  
In return, Quebec offers the immigrant: a better quality of life in a developed country, extensive personal and professional development, the opportunity of residing in one of the regions with lower rates of violence and universal social services and public access (insurance employment, basic health services, education, college scholarships and financial bonus for families with more than two children, among other extraordinary benefits).  
In addition, the Quebec government provides facilities for the immigrant to know what his or her chances of actually been able to immigrate are. The website of the Québec Government Office in Mexico has a free online test. This assessment is intended to be resolved by the applicant, without getting any help of a mediator. In addition, representatives of the Québec government organized briefings for interested candidates to resolve their doubts.  
Now, you might have a series of questions like: What are the advantages of choosing Québec? These are some reasons why this province should be among your top choices: There is a greater openness of the local population towards immigrants. It is an area with large French – speaking Latino communities, in particular, Chilean, Salvadoran and Colombian.

If you do not speak French, know that it is easier for a Spanish speaker in just one year to master this language. There are no age restrictions for applicants; however, the chances increase if the applicant is between his or her 20’s and 35. The immigrant in Quebec arrives with a permanent residence visa, and will have all the rights and obligations of any local resident.  
As the evaluation system, you should be aware of which is the minimum qualifying score on the category that you have selected. But in general it is around 65 points in a maximum of 90. It is compulsory and indispensable mastering the French language. But it is not necessary for you to demonstrate the level of French until the day of the interview, which allows intensive study to the required date. English is not essential.

The financial requirements in the Canadian program are less stringent, because the government requires five thousand dollars, when you settle in Quebec. It awards points only to visit the province.  
Quebec has years in its immigration program. It provides assistance to immigrants during the installation stage in any city in the whole province. It is easier to qualify to immigrate to Québec to meet the requirements of the Federal Government of Canada. If you still have any questions, requests information on Quebec and its immigration program at the Canadian embassy in your country.

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