Wonderful Love Phrases For Your Love

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With all the technology we have today, distances have been shortened, so it does not matter if the love of your life is thousands of miles away.

Among the many options you have to send a word to indicate your love, found text messages. A simple “I love you”, maybe it will work one time, but to get to the heart of the beloved, you need romantic phrases.

In this section we bring you a list with many original love quotes to send by SMS, choose the ones you like most and send it straight to her heart.

Free list of beautiful love phrases for your love:

– “Only you give me happiness every second, minute and hour of my day, only you make me feel the happiest person in the world because beside you I found true love and eternal happiness. I love you with all my heart. “
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– “It was not easy to put aside all my fears and take the courage to approach you and know you and since that day my life is filled with much joy, how wonderful is our love”
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– “I had stopped believing in love for all the disappointments I suffered but then you came into my life and showed me what true love was, now I know that you and me are made for each other.”
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– “I have to accept it, I don’t have a treasure trove of thousands of gold and silver coins but I have a big heart filled with much love and many kisses, caresses and hugs.”
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– “You and I are like day and night, very different, but complementary and likewise we need each other, we always look for differences and things we have in common, that’s why our love is so beautiful.”
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– “When I think of you and all I would be willing to do for love, I realize that I have not any limit because you give me inspiration and strength to bring up what seems unattainable.”
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– “I was always afraid to get carried away by love and give my heart to someone, but you came in my life and show me how beautiful and wonderful is loving and delivering everything in a kiss, sweet and tender feeling of a caress and warmth of a hug.”
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– “Before I met you I could only see cold and darkness at night, now you are beside me and I can see the hope reflected in thousands of stars that remind me how beautiful are your eyes and the infinity of our love.”
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– “I was always hard hearted but you could get to it and open its doors for love could come into my life.”
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– “When you ask me the reason why I love you, I am faced with hundreds of responses as each passing day I find more and more reasons to love you more and more.”
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Send one of these messages to the love of your life and make him or her to feel great.

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