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The best gift a man can receive on Father’s Day is the sincere affection for their children. On this day you can harness to tell your dad how great is the love you feel for him and how you value all the effort he does everyday for you.
Do you want to express a nice greeting to your dad on this special day? That’s simple, just try to think of all the beautiful moments you spend with him and in fact you will feel inspired to tell him everything you feel.
If not, then choose one of the following special greetings that we present below and dedicate them to your dad through Whatsapp, SMS or post them on his Facebook wall and Twitter to let him know that you want the best for him.
Free list of father’s day greetings:
:: “You are a great dad, you have always been my side and your love makes me feel special. You teach me how to face life with courage and see opportunities when difficulties happen. Thank you so much for everything and I wish you to have a happy father’s day”.
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:: “Every time I am late you wait at the door and act angry, but I understand you have to be so because you could not let that something bad happens to me. Dad, thank you because you’re always watching out for me. Congratulations on this Father’s Day”.
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:: “I consider you a great father because you always talk to me; you care about my problems and always guide me to make good decisions. I am very lucky to be your son. Have a happy Father’s Day”.
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:: “A life is not enough to thank you for all the good things you do for me, you’re a great father and I wish you all the best on this day”.
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:: “The best moments of my childhood were with you because you were always going to pick me up at school and you motivate me to give the best of me, these tips helped me to be a good professional. I appreciate you and this love will never change. Congratulations on this day”.
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:: “Today that I’m so far from you, I really need you, I miss those days when we talked for hours. At this time I have realized how wonderful you were with me. I send you a big hug and the best wishes to you on this day, I love you Dad”.
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:: “It’s a blessing to have a father so loving and tender like you who give us their unconditional love and who is always with us. I ask the Lord to protect you and to let you stay longer on this earth to continue to enjoy your love. Congratulations Dad”.
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:: “Dear Dad, from you I learned to live each day as if it were the last, because you also know that the affection is most important in life and we all can achieve what we aim, just with some effort. You are the best of all fathers, happy day”.
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:: “You always have educated me with your example and one of the most valuable lessons I remember is to be able to show affection to those who appreciate it. I love you with my entire heart dad. Congratulations.
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We hope you liked these special greetings for Father’s Day.
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